A voice for the under served in the community

by Alan Deacon in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England

A voice for the under served in the community

To maintain ongoing costs to run a not for profit ltd community radio station, to enable the under served to have a voice.

by Alan Deacon in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England

Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Radio Scarborough has been broadcasting over the internet for the past five years, during that time it has developed a strong listening audience. Our wish is to continue giving service to the community, this incurs ongoing expenditure for licencing, broadband, upgrading equipment, rent, electricity, insurance and streaming. 

We have found in particular that our training program for all ages providing the opportunity to broadcast and interview, has resulted in developing job interview confidence, social interaction and a better understanding of the local society.

We wish this training to continue, and as an unpaid volunteer based  radio station have to rely on donations from whatever source, in particular the North East, but money is "tight" and donations have become sporadic and smaller.

Our aim to raise £5000 is to cover the next 12 months expenditure, with the hope and expectation of achieving an FM licence along with some more positive sponsorship.


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