A Voice for Animals in the General Election

Animal Welfare Party needs your support to speak up for animals in the 2015 General Election.

We did it!

On 19th Apr 2015 we successfully raised £3,145 of £1,500 target with 90 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

And If We Reach Our Target?


Well, first we'll be absolutely THRILLED!

With the funds for our deposits and leaflets covered, we'll right away we'll move onto the next stage of our campaign - spreading the word about our party as far and wide across our chosen constituencies as we can. Many voters still aren't aware that we exist as an option to vote for and we find that when people do get to hear about us they're often very pleasantly surprised.

Any additional funds raised beyond our original target will allow us to:

  • Take out much needed advertising (both out of home and on social media)

  • Organise PR stunts that help us connect with the public

  • Create additional publicity material - videos, posters and placards that help further spread the word

If you can help us with our stretch target, we know that we can be an even stronger voice for animals as the election draws near.

Thank You.








Thank you for supporting us!

Our campaign on Crowdfunder has now ended but you can still donate to our general election campaign here. We are still desperately raising funds for additional, much needed campaign activities in these last few days before the general election. If you can make a donation, it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support!

The AWP Team


Help Animal Welfare Party Speak Up for Animals in the 2015 General Election


After our fantastic result of 21,000 votes in the 2014 EU Election, Animal Welfare Party will be standing in the May 2015 General Election.


We are yet to announce which constituencies we will contest and one of the main factors influencing how many constituencies we can contest is funds.


Our party is entirely run by volunteers and the only funds we receive come in the form of donations and membership fees from those who support our aims – if you're reading this hopefully that's you! We receive no other funding. And yet, contesting elections is very costly. Contesting last year's EU Parliament election took our party into debt and it took us a little while to get back into the black. With the General Election following close behind, building funds to contest another election has been a real challenge – but when it comes to speaking out for animals, it's a challenge that we know is worth it!


With the UK General Election, there are 650 constituencies and the deposit to contest each one is £500. So, if we were to have a candidate in each constituency, the deposits alone would cost us £325,000 – not the kind of funds we have at the moment!


In the 2010 General Election, we had the funds to stand in just one constituency. This time around we'd like to stand in two constituencies – or even three. Will you help us?


In addition to securing funds for our deposits, there are many other crucial elements to running an effective campaign that are also quite costly; leaflet printing, advertising, marketing and promotion – all things that help get the word out to voters about our party and what we're trying to achieve for animals and the environment.


We know so many people out there care about animal welfare and the General Election is our opportunity to demonstrate just how important animal issues are to so many. But we do need all the financial help we can get.


Can we count on you to help us raise the funds for our deposits and reach every member of the electorate in our chosen constituencies with a leaflet for every home?


Donating whatever you can now will help us to build a truly successful election campaign – one that does the animals proud.


And a final word for the naysayers – or those who think a political party for animals can never take off: the success of our sister party in the Netherlands, PvdD (Party for the Animals) shows us it can. PvdD now has over 20 elected representatives at various levels of government, one senator and one MEP. Germany also has one dedicated representative for animals in the EU Parliament. The truth is political parties for animals are already achieving success.


Here in the UK we are perhaps uniquely placed not just to be a part of that success – but to lead the way. The latest research tells us that as much as 12% of the UK population have now moved over to a vegetarian diet – that’s over 7 million people! Although you don’t have to be vegetarian to support our party and not all vegetarians are yet turned on to the need to win political representation for animals, it’s a pretty good indicator of the power we do have – if only we’d come together and use it.

Just think, if all the vegetarians in the UK donated just £1 to our campaign, we’d have over £7 million in funds - and our success in the General Election would be pretty much assured! Get the picture? We like to think big!


So, please, spare whatever you can today to help us realise our vision for animals – a vision in which we all stand to gain.


Sincere Thanks.



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