A Tribute to Lon Lomas

A Tribute to Lon Lomas

To finish the ultramarathon that Lon now can't after he was killed in a hit and run on 7th July.

We did it!

On 5th Aug 2014 we successfully raised £1,070 of £750 target with 51 supporters in 1 days

New stretch target

If I go over the target for funds raised, I will donate every penny to Lon's family to go towards his children's upbringing.

Lon Lomas, a friend of mine from Louisiana, was set to run his first 100 mile ultramarathon on 13th December 2014 in Texas. Tragically, Lon will not run this race as he was killed in a hit and run whilst cycling near his home on Monday 7th July. As an ultrarunner myself, I want to finish this race in his honour and give the finishers award to his wife and children at the finish line.

My name is Tim Lambert and I live in Bath, England. I also run the website www.fromsofatoultra.com. I have been running ultramarathons for two years now and have seven finishes to my name from eight starts. Facebook helps me connect with likeminded runners around the world and this is how I first got to know Lon. Married with two young children myself, I know what this tribute would mean to my family if it was the other way around. 

I have been offered free accommodation and a free entry to the race, which is this race: http://www.brazosbend100.com/ However, flights from London to Houston are where I am falling short and I need to raise £750 to cover the cost of the flight.

I am crowdfunding because, despite trying, I have not been able to secure a discounted or free flight from the two airlines who fly direct or via potential sponsors. The ultrarunning community is full of fantastic individuals and I like to think just a few people giving £10 each to help make this project happen will allow me to book the flights quickly before prices rise again.

In terms of rewards, I have been offered press coverage in The Guardian and Outdoor Fitness magazine. No one would support this for the recognition or a reward but I will refer to those who sponsor me and pass their messages of support on to Lon's family. 

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