A Trail Of Two Cities
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Our aim is to deliver a three week walking theatrical adventure from Bristol to Nottingham. Free to view, zero carbon, maximum quality gigs.

by A Trail of Two Cities in Barrow In Furness, England, United Kingdom

Three seasoned showmen Gary(Gacko)Bridgens, Ian(The Storyteller)Douglas and Dieter(Professor Pumpernickel)Wadeson intend to walk from Bristol to Nottingham delivering live high quality performances in and around a myriad of social venues and Britain's beleaguered high streets along the way.

This is a unique theatrical adventure touring with no white vans, absolute zero carbon footprint and designed to celebrate and explore the highways and byways between the two cities that have announced their intention to be carbon neutral in ten years time.

We will perform for anybody who asks us to along the way or via invitations from our social media presence. 

High streets, schools, pubs, community centres, folk or story telling clubs, pubs, hospitals, pubs, homes for the elderly, village halls, theatres, centres of activism and pubs are all encouraged to welcome us in to offer our shows for nothing more than a pass of our hat or a bed for the night if available. 

We'll accept a meal or pint if one's being offered but won't be put out if one ain't.

We will be touring a part of our country that we are largely unfamiliar with, so in essence we will be strangers with nothing more to offer than our humble vagabond show and an intention to bring colour to our increasingly devastated high streets, fractured communities and unfunded public venues. 

We will push Dolly (pictured above), our peripatetic mobile theatre loaded with props, instruments, clean underpants and sleeping bags, from Bristol on Tuesday 1st September 2020 until we hopefully arrive safely in Nottingham on Sunday 20th September 2020. A total of 175 miles.

This is a pioneering contemporary exploration of vehicle free touring that owes much to the show folk of the past who would regularly tour on foot, shunting carts before and during the emergence of the petrol driven engine. 

You, our friends and sponsors, will be free to follow the adventure constantly via our blogs, live streams and, hopefully, at our gigs if you're passing.

Your contribution will help support the project's design, outgoings and artists along the way. We need all weather costumes, solar panels to charge devices and some accommodation. We require some bespoke amendments to Dolly the cart as well as new props and instruments to create the show.   

We also need some supported rehearsal and performance time for our artists, rehearsal space and technical gear to capture, record and broadcast the journey.

Thank you all and please share as widely as possible.

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This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£500 or more

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£500 Reward

Your company logo or your name printed on one of four flags that will be carried with us, either by one of the performers or fixed to the cart. They will ensure that we and the cart will be highly visible to passing traffic for both advertising and safety's sake and will also be used to mark out the performance area during every show along the journey (we anticipate a strong media coverage)

£20 or more

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£20 reward

Your name written on the back of our costumes in the finest Sharpie ink proclaiming that you have sponsored this magnificent project. We will wear these with pride throughout the entire adventure

£50 or more

£50 Reward

All that litter chucked from passing cars and careless lorry drivers - as if their polluting emissions weren't bad enough. Pledge £50 and we'll get on our hands and knees during our walk and fill THREE big bags full of the stuff and leave them tied up with our brightly coloured tags at a bin for collection.

£100 or more

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£100 reward

A personalised song - We will write and compose a bespoke song for everyone who donates £100 and we will perform and post it live from the roadside during one of our many tea or beer breaks

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