A thanks for Rose

A thanks for Rose

To raise valuable funds for the special baby care unit at the Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

In February 2015 little Rose Lewis Wallace came into the world 10 weeks earlier than planned. Born at the Royal Gwent Hospital she weighed just 3lb 8ozs. 

She was taken immediately into an incubator in the intensive care special baby care unit where she stayed for a week receiving 24hr care from the most dedicated medical staff who worked tirelessly to ensure she made baby steps towards growing and developing. With two bleeds on the brain and a heart murmur as you can imagine it was a very difficult and worrying time for her family. 

She was then transferred to Neville Hall in Abergavenny which was a great step forward as it was closer to home. She continued to make good progress in the special baby care unit on a ventilator. Three weeks later was allowed to go home - a huge day in her little life. 

Staff continued to stay in touch with Rose and the family with the discharge nurse visiting on a number of occasions to check on her progress. Since being discharged Rose continues to have regular check ups and appointments at both sites. 

Rose turned two this year and to recognise the amazing care she received from the Aneurin Bevan Trust and to provide support to other little babies being born so early we are raising much needed funds.  

So we, her aunties and parents,  are going to walk  from Brecon to Neville Hall Hospital in Abergavenny and on to the Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport on the 5th and 6th June this year to celebrate her life and raise some funds along the way. 

It would be much appreciated if you were able to find a contribution  towards our cause to ensure more babies like Rose can be so well looked after and live a happy life. 

The Lewis and Wallace Families xx