Songs for Cancer.

Songs for Cancer.

Raising funds for head & neck cancer sufferers through music: early diagnosis IS the key to survival!

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On 26th Aug 2015 we successfully raised £100 with 7 supporters in 56 days

Project aim

Raising funds for head & neck cancer sufferers through music: for early diagnosis IS the key!


About the project

[A simple thought for you all]: "What would YOU do WITHOUT a voice? HOW would YOU cope on a daily basis?  

ABOUT our project:

We are a Head & Neck cancer charity, we deal with a part of this terrible disease that very few people even think about-throat/oral cancers."20-20 Voice" Cancer have many members and one of them is unique as he was diagnosed (at a very early stage) with "Tonsil Cancer" - very nasty indeed! However, Ray (Coates) underwent surgery, suffered in silence for many months and then found that his voice was returning. Ray is a musician, a very good musician who has written a beautiful song: "The Voice Within" (and more) which tells of his cancer journey. Read his story here on our website.

Ray has now created (written) an Album of songs, charting the ups & downs of the very emotional & stressful path that cancer takes us down. Better still, Ray can still sing his creations so we are looking to finance the complete album from lyrics to finished article ready for sale. We need £10,000 to be able to do this as there are a whole range of costs (including recording studio time etc-as a starter!) before we reach 'sale point'. However, all proceeds will go directly to "20-20 Voice" Cancer to buy more vital diagnostic equipment for ENT Cancer departments etc. Ray kept his voice because of early diagnosis - I lost mine completely - but we both see this as a fantastic opportunity for all those Head & Neck cancer sufferers to come..... and they will come! With a 600% increase in the past decade, they will come!

Why are we Crowdfunding:

It is far too late for me as my voice-box is now 'in the bin', so I now talk with an 'electro-larynx' (I'm a walking Dalek!), but Ray Coates was fortunate in being diagnosed at a very early stage thus kept his voice. If we are able to purchase the latest, technological advancements in diagnostics we could all look forward to the day when our/a consultant turns round and says the magic words, " we've got there in time, that voice-box (larynx) is staying put!" Every penny we raise will bring this fabulous moment ever nearer. Crowdfunding on the "20-20 Voice" Cancer website is here.


Mr 'RW' sadly lost his wife due to lack of diagnosis. By the time she reached hospital and tests were done the cancer had literally taken over. Had she been diagnosed, even 9 months previously, she would have had a fighting chance of survival. Her surviving partner is a great supporter of our charity.

Ray Coates himself knows how important an early diagnosis truly is and he knows how lucky he was that his 'tonsil tumour' was easily identifiable - thousands won't be so lucky. That is why we need to raise the funds, via  world wide recod sales to buy the much needed equipment. You can be part of a great life saving situation.

 Mrs 'AA': My husband kept going to his doctor and coming away with tablets, tablets and even more tablets but he never got any better! When he finally got sent to his local ENT specialist (he demanded the appointment) he was diagnosed almost straight away and went for major surgery soon after. I am convinced that had he been diagnosed when he first complained he would not have had to undergo such radical treatment and suffer so much.

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