A Sensory Room to Help our Kids Mental Wellbeing

by St Lewis PTA in Croft, England, United Kingdom

A Sensory Room to Help our Kids Mental Wellbeing
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We want to create a Sensory Room to provide a calming and nurturing place for our kids to learn and to help their mental wellbeing.

by St Lewis PTA in Croft, England, United Kingdom


St Lewis PTA work hard to support funding ideas for our school. Most of our funding so far has supported physical and academic projects and we now want to concentrate funding to support our kids’ mental health wellbeing.

16 million people in the UK experience a mental illness at some point each year. Three in four mental illnesses start before a child reaches their 18th birthday and half of those take root before the age of 15. We are passionate about doing everything we can at St Lewis to help improve our children's mental wellbeing and minimise future mental health illness in the future where we can.

Our Project

St Lewis is a small primary school which has a caring and therapeutic ethos. As part of that culture, we want to actively improve our school by creating a sensory room where children have a calming and safe place for learning. Sensory rooms have been proven to help with Autism, ADHD, ADD, Sensory Processing Disorder and Early Trauma but more recent research indicates that all children would benefit from having a calming and nurturing area to go to in school. Schools can be noisy busy places and for some this stimuli can all be too much, especially around transition times and exam times.

To support this, we intend to turn a room in our school into a wonderful sensory space for our children with mood lighting, calming music, colourful bubble tubes, fibre optic for effects, sensory seating, a den and tactile panels. This vital funding would mean we could quickly implement the sensory room to support our children as early as possible. We have sourced a Sensory Room Package which costs £4999 including VAT and fitting.

We have already implemented a number of therapeutic changes in the school to support mental wellbeing - e.g. we teach yoga as part of the curriculum to help our kids manage stress and emotions, we ensure that our children get regular exercise, we have an outdoor classroom and offer Nature Classes in our nature area to encourage outdoor learning, teaching staff have undergone Therapeutic Training and RAMP training – as a result we implement individual Reduced Anxiety Management Plans where needed to help support children who suffer with high levels of anxiety. But we want to do more to help.

We really need this calming environment to support some of our most vulnerable children some of which cannot cope in a classroom environment all day. We want all our children to enjoy their schooldays as much as possible as this is such an integral part of their childhood experience. This sensory room would be a huge step in helping sooth children’s anxiety levels throughout the day by providing a calm, safe place for them.

Please Support Us

There is not enough funding to help mental health wellbeing projects especially relating to our children. One day hopefully full facilities to support mental wellbeing will be the norm in mainstream schools but we are far from that vision in 2018. Half of mental illness issues start before children are 15 years old - that is a strong statistic to encourage us as parents and teachers to do more to help our younger people. Help make our kids' futures better and healthier by supporting our project.

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