A SAVVY Summer of Shakespeare

by Savvy Theatre in Croydon, Greater London, United Kingdom


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Support for the 2022 Summer Season featuring reinvented Shakespeare, SAVVY-style, with amazing sets, inclusive casts and huge imagination.

by Savvy Theatre in Croydon, Greater London, United Kingdom

Our community theatre company has continued to work with our most vulnerable members, to create and inspire, even though we struggled to survive the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Please support us continue to push the boundaries of inclusion in theatre and fulfil our mission into 2022.

Who we are

We are a bold and innovative professional theatre company based in South East London. We create new work to create a legacy and inspire others in the industry. Our beneficiaries come from a broad cross-section of the community, including young people considered at-risk, adults with a physical and/or learning disability, people with experience of homelessness and everyone in-between.  

What makes SAVVY unique, is that we don’t just work with individual groups in isolation, but actively bring different members of the community together to produce ambitious theatre experiences that raises expectations in both participants and audiences. And ...our admissions are audition free to allow those with speech or physical impairment, emotional ill health or even lack of confidence to participate in theatre.

Supporting our charity as Patron is Dr. Cecily O' Neill, Associate Professor at State University of Ohio and Resident Dramaturg at New York University and a team of equally renowned trustees. The artistic direction is led by Sheree Vickers, ably assisted by diverse staff team of theatre professionals.


Our project

A Summer Season of Shakespeare

SAVVY has a history of re-inventing Shakespeare! Our last sell-out production involved taking over Beddington Park, with audiences following the action through the park that included fairies in trees and lovers sword fighting in the River Wandle.

More recently our show, "Jack & The Beanstalk, A Steampunk Pantomime" became the first post COVID theatre production at Fairfield Hall where we brought members together in a joyous celebration event that re-invigorated the local community. 

NEXT Summer our aim is to surprise audiences again with re-invented Shakespeare that play with the stories and create unique theatre experiences.

We will showcase a medley of stories such as The Taming of the Shrew as a Drag Show and Twelfth Night as the Acoustic Sessions, with auditions for Macbeth and the return of our lovely Players from The Dream.

Why is our project special?

SAVVY is unique in its approach.  As a company we don't audition as we strongly believe EVERYONE has the right to Take Part  as seen in our highly ambitious shows feature where actors from very diverse backgrounds, including homelessness and people with learning disabilities are featured.

Working to high professional standards our performances are created to surprise audiences while also raising the bar for the participants.  SAVVY is a leading force for change when it comes to inclusive, participatory theatre as seen in our shows that are truly transforming for audiences and participants.

Your support

Our team is small but highly dedicated and committed to our mission. We don't receive any regular core funding, and our annual revenues are from fees, grants, donations, ticket sales and sponsorships. With no revenues from shows over the last year, we need financial support to continue our work.

In order to continue producing high-quality theatre and include our marginalised communities fully in the creative process and production, we will have to use a number of multi-media options to stay inclusive.  

We aim to raise £10,000 + to support the cost of:

  • A videographer

Who will record the process and final product to ensure anyone not able to attend the live show, will still be able to stream the various shows.

  • An animator

To support the production inclusively with visual art and through creatively integrated captioning.

  • Other artists fees

This will include a consultant drag artist, puppet maker, movement director, costume and props maker, project manager etc.

  • Audience Accessibility

We actively work to support audiences who often feel excluded from society. Over half of our regular audiences include people with a disability. The pledged funds will go towards the creation of a “Welcome to the Theatre” Social Story, Integrated Signed Interpreted Performances (ISIP), a Sound Sensitive Synopsis and pre-show touch tours.

So... please help us to continue to provide accessible and ambitious theatre with people who are often side-lined from Taking Part in the arts. 



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