by Isabel De Castro Cardoso in Chorley, England, United Kingdom

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Dear readers , I'm appealing to you as my last hope to carry on protecting and save stray cats.I was a tourist to Crete island and here I am...

by Isabel De Castro Cardoso in Chorley, England, United Kingdom

Dear readers , I'm appealing to you as my last hope to carry on protecting and save stray cats.I was a tourist to Crete island and here I am 10 years later. I Have seen so many cats in need, I started to rescue them and provide them a forever home and took care of all their needs. I now have 45 cats and 3 ex-stray dogs. As a seasonal island I only work the summer as a Therapist in SPAS for long hours and miserable wages, though all my money goes to provide for my lovely animals. I have now reached a situation that I can't carry on all by myself. I receive 3 month of the 6 month unemployment money. 400 Euros, with this I neuter , feed , medicate and pay Vet bills. I am now in a house in the mountain where hunters started their cruel sport and their dogs have killed numerous cats. Police don"t care as hunting is legal. I live a nightmare to protect my animals, every hunting day I'm outside guarding the area, also wild starving animals have killed dozens of my cats. For this reason every time i leave the house i have to put all my cats inside, or at least the ones i can catch, plus at nigh. All night I'm cleaning litter boxes and open the window to those who do outside plus opening when they want to enter. They got used to this system. I hardly ever get to have a full nights sleep because of this. The owner of my property is claiming the house as he wants to come back to Crete. I have been searching for a long time for a safe place for all of m,y animals and me, but very difficult. So i found this tiny "Alice in wonderland house" up up in the mountain where their are no hunters or people, only private land with olive trees. vines and fruit trees. Desperately to move I took the place, but not all is"roses" . though the environment is the best I could find for my cats and dogs, their is not good conditions for myself. The place has to be fixed as it has been abandoned for 6 years, plus there is no electricity or phone lines.The nearest electric pole is 100 m and they want more than 2000 Euros to pull it to the house. Solar and wind energy ranges the same price. As many tell me to think of myself and live a better live and pursue my career as Physical therapist which I could in any other country as I speak a few languages and I'm highly qualified, I WON'T ABANDON MY ANIMALS. I would like to open my business here, but also no money to do so. I will also be restricted with internet as I can only get by providers a few Gigabytes with a stick. I have no money anymore and I need to build my cats and dogs warm houses because its still winter. Another big worry is to pay the Vet bills. One cat has been hit by a car and broken her leg badly, only could be fixed by a specialist who knows me as so many Vets, and made me a special price of 640 Euros. 40 were for the Xrays. I have paid with my unemployment money 140. Plus one Dog I rescued also with broken leg 500 Euros, only left to pay 170 Euros thanks to kind people on Facebook. Now some kittens came to age and need neutering as I don't want more cats seen that are so many out there to be rescued. Someone told me about this Crowdfunding Page and i was so happy hoping that maybe someone out there can help me to carry on rescuing and providing for all these poor animals in need and to help me to get some form of energy supply to our new house, so I too can have a bit more human conditions in life, however, from Greece we are unable to use Crowdfunding or any of the well known Funding sites, but luckily my lovely Son is doing it for me who lives in the UK. I thank you all for taking the time to read my short story and and for those who would like to help us. 

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