A Real Life Drama

A Real Life Drama

To develop an experimental performance to camera based on one young woman’s personal experience of psychosis.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

 Mental ill-health is a major aspect of human experience that, until very recently, has been highly stigmatised and largely unacknowledged. This innovative art project aims to help reduce the stigma associated with mental illness by challenging the way we perceive the world and questioning how we understand reality.

Artist, Alexa Wright is working with five professional actors to develop an experimental performance to camera inspired by a young woman’s personal experience of psychosis, which she described like this:

“A Shakespeare production with actors and actresses all playing their part and a director giving instructions about what each actor is supposed to do and where to be and where to stand. Things are moving really quickly... there is no blackout, everything is happening all at once.”

The footage will be edited into a 3-screen video installation to be shown in galleries and other spaces across the UK and beyond. Asking 'what is reality?', the work will give an insight into what it means to experience psychosis.

 Your generous support will contribute towards the cost of paying the actors and camera/sound people for their work and renting rehearsal space.  Any contributions, large or small will be very much appreciated to help us meet our target.