A puppy in need!

by Zoe Smith in Winchester, England, United Kingdom

A puppy in need!
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To make Bandit Bionic!

by Zoe Smith in Winchester, England, United Kingdom

Bandit is a 5year old black lab from a well bred litter of pups that was unfortunate enough to be squished by his mum in his early weeks. It caused a small piece of cartilage to chip off in to his elbow joint. At 6 months he went in for surgery to have the chip removed and thankfully it was a success and has enabled him to live a limpy but normal life until now. 

Bandit had been getting progressively more limpy after the hot summer this year, I gave in to having some X-rays done knowing that the prognosis would likely not be great. Unfortunately that was the case and he has one end stage joint and the other is slowly giving in under the strain of compensating. - Not good news!

We have been lucky enough to be referred to a wonderful clinic, where I am sure he will get the very best treatment but an elbow replacement and a second surgery on the other elbow doesn't come cheap. The insurance company despite my appeal have decided it is a pre-existing condition and will therefore not contribute :(

I will regardless find a way to pay for this for my little man, but I thought I would try reaching out to the world and ask for some help. Something I find particularly hard to do given there are so many others struggling through, but I thought it was worth a try. Any little token toward my 10K bill would be appreciated! 

Im determined to start a blog of his journey, he's the happiest little chap and deserves not to be given up on.   

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