Give a Pound to support cancer care

Give a Pound to support cancer care

Support my London Marathon 2016. Give a pound to support cancer care in Australia and the UK for sufferers and their families.

We did it!

On 26th Apr 2016 we successfully raised £576 with 34 supporters in 56 days

I had the privaledge of meeting and spending time with a great guy called Steve Williamson (Big Willie - BW), rugby referee, father, husband and a friend to many.  He didn't ask for a lot but he gave so much to those who knew him.  

On Christmas Day 2015 BW lost his brave fight against cancer.  The photo in my project was one of many hundreds that people sent from around the world wearing these T Shirts that showed him our support.  I know that he welcomed every photo he saw and gave him great strength and the cause that was Red Card cancer for Big Willie was about that support and raising awareness of this disease.

Whilst BW is no longer with us there are still people out there and their families in a similar situation that are being cared for in hospitals and hospices and as John Hill one of his scorpian brothers has always said from the start of this campaign #we take care of our own. #No one gets left behind.

For this reason I want this legacy to live on and I want to use my opportunity of running in the London Marathon 2016 to raise funds for 2 special projects.  The Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane that looked after BW and St Peter's Hospice in Bristol where his good friend Andy Miller (fellow scorpian brother) lives.

What I want - Keep giving the Red Card to Cancer.  I just want everyone who knew BW or know me to donate a pound.  It won't break the bank but collectively the funds will make a big difference to those affected by cancer.  

If you want to donate more that is awesome but dig deep and find at least 1 pound.  For that I am prepared to run hard across London for 26 miles knowing that your sponsorship will make a big difference.

For everyone donating I shall be entering your name into a raffle.  The prizes will be any donated rugby or running tops that have been donated to me.  So far I have a referee top from Western Australia, my 1990's England top, An Istanbul Ottomons top and I am sure by the end a heap of other goodies to win.

Note - As with any fundraising site there are fees associated with usage.  I cannot avoid that but I have minimised the costs where I can.

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