"A plea from a dying mother"

by Susan Dhillon in Slough, England, United Kingdom

"A plea from a dying mother"
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A PLEDGE FOR HELP FROM A DYING mother, as I really cannot imagine leaving my children, in any financial set back when I sadly pass away.

by Susan Dhillon in Slough, England, United Kingdom

"PLEA FROM a dying mother"

As my last wish,

I do not want to leave a financial burden, on my children or any financial set backs for my funeral.

I can see and feel the pain, sorrow, and fear in my kids eye's of losing their mum. 

I have been everything to them, from a dad, uncle, auntie, soul mate and most of all I have been their Mother.

I have three beautiful children, two boys and one Princess who is my Angel in disguise my daughter. I also have beautiful granddaughter recently, whom i will not see growing up, 

We have all been through such pain and sorrow in our journey of life together. I don't know where to begin.

They mean the world to me, as a single mum for the past 15 years. 

I brought them up, to learn that being honest, loving and caring for one another,doesn't cost a thing, never to be selfish and always keep strong matter what!

With these traits being of very importancey to me. I am proud to say that is exactly, who they have become, amazing young adults. 

I cherish them with all my heart, soul and mind, they have too showered me with their uncontional love. 

I was diagnosed with sqamous cell cancer of nasal cavity in June this year at Wexham park hospital.  

Due to my health issues I was unable continue with my job with-in the nhs only part time, which was with no pension. 

Sadly they have no support once I leave, apart from one another and their partners. . 

All I can give to give them, is my uncontional loving memories.

As I have no financial status to leave for them. 

If you could please help with any donations and shares, this will be sincerely appreciated by family

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