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'A Plastic Wave' is already well underway, however we are asking for donations so we are able to fund and complete the documentary!

by Anna Gallagher in Truro, England, United Kingdom

 UK filmmakers raising funds to complete filming "A Plastic Wave"                                                      

With our beaches and oceans being completely overwhelmed with plastic waste, our small production team has set out to create a powerful documentary focusing on how this devastation is changing our world as we know it. This film aims to raises awareness around the issues of ocean plastic pollution and encourage the people of the world to think a little differently about their usage of single use plastics.

Our small team of three consists of Anna, Jack and James who are working together to raise enough funds to help us finish creating our documentary, A Plastic Wave. Filming commenced earlier this year with our presenter, Dave Muir, who met Dr David Santillo, a Greenpeace Researcher and Sarah Nelms, a Marine Biologist to discuss the arising problem of plastic pollution. 

Plastic pollution is on the rise!

We are creating this documentary because we are all passionate about the ocean, each of us have seen a rise in the amount of plastic we see on our local beaches and want to show this problem with positive aspects through the journey of our presenter. You as the audience will follow Dave on this journey as you discover more about why, where and the effects this devastating problem is occuring. 

Why is this such a problem? 

"Plastic in the ocean doesn't break down, it breaks up". - Since starting this documentary we have researched into a lot of plastics that are contributing to the ocean pollution, including micro and single use plastics. These are harmful to our aquatic wildlife as it can be mistaken for food, eventually even entering our food chains.

So why India? 

We are looking to show the scale of the problem and find impactful stories surrounding the people that it is directly affecting. We are looking to find large quantities of plastics pollution from the ocean or dumped onto beaches. We've researched into which country and state we should go to and have found Mumbai and its surrounding seas are amongst the most polluted places in the world. We want to take our presenter Dave Muir on a journey to discover more about the plastic pollution in areas like Mumbai compared to his home beach in Sennen, Cornwall.

Our film will be roughly 20 minutes long and you shall receive notification details when the video is up and running for you to view! 

To make this film possible we are looking to raise both awareness for the project and sufficient funds to cover filming expenses. The entire plastic wave production team and it’s contributors are lending their expertise on a voluntary basis to help make this film possible.

 If you'd like to get in touch with us please do so via our social media channels: www.facebook.com/A-Plastic-Wave-151642555501278/?pnref=lhc  or via email aplasticwave@gmail.com

If you can't donate but believe in the project, then please share our post to help us reach our goal and make the oceans a cleaner and less polluted environment for everyone.

Thank you,

The Plastic Wave team!


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