A place to call home

A place to call home

To raise enough money for a home or a 20 % deposit

We did it!

On 29th Aug 2015 we successfully raised £22 with 2 supporters in 11 days

Project aim

 To raise enough money for a home or a 20% deposit

About the project

First of all i must explain that i am on very low wages and cannot save enough money for a deposit because i currently pay rent to my landlord,i am therfore trapped into paying a large amount of my wages over to my landlord.


The property i rent at the moment only has one bedroom and because i share the flat with someone else i have to sleep in the living room.


I have asked the housing association for a larger property but they are only willing to help women with children who suffer from over crowding.


 Due to the cost of utillity bills and living in general i need to share a property to be able to survive.


The neighbours at my current address are very anti social and causing me to suffer insomnia and depression through their actions so being able to move would be beneficial to my long term health.


If i could get enough for a 20% on a mortgage i could approach the banks but without that i have no chance of getting on the property market.


I don't qualify for tax credits because i don't have children.












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