A PhD study about evolving production technology.

by Thomas Slater McKenzie in London, England, United Kingdom

A PhD study about evolving production technology.
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We all love music - it's intrinsic to all aspects of life. It's the 'language of the spirit' and it colour's our souls...

by Thomas Slater McKenzie in London, England, United Kingdom

The increasing ubiquity of music production technology has created a new kind of musician: the artist-producer. The intrinsic use of evolving technology has fundamentally altered these musicians’ learning practices in both formal and informal contexts. The interplay between these contexts exists within an interdisciplinary continuum, representative of not only evolving technology but also its application in contemporary music education. I want to understand the ways informal learning practices interact with music technology curricula, and how a syncretic union of both informal and formal approaches could effectively augment music technology pedagogy. I will deconstruct artist-producers’ formal and informal learning practices in macro and micro-contexts. Mixed-method approaches in the form of surveys, observations, and interviews will be conducted with members of the artist-producer community. To further contextualize the primary data obtained, the research will be supported by concurrent analysis of curricular documentation, textbooks, and online forum interactions. This study will help define and articulate artist-producers’ evolving learning requirements and how they manifest vis-à-vis in a formal classroom context. This will facilitate changes in music technology curriculum design and policy and improve our broader academic understanding of pedagogical practice and theory. Findings will have wider applicability in a range of creative, technology-based disciplines.


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