Atmospheric Propulsion Engine (APE)

by Atmospheric Propulsion Engine in Binbrook, England, United Kingdom

Atmospheric Propulsion Engine (APE)
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My idea will create cheaper air travel anywhere and eradicate air pollution completely

by Atmospheric Propulsion Engine in Binbrook, England, United Kingdom

Hello, My name is Jason Middleton.

I am asking the public for help funding my project, My project once completed will completely change the outlook on life and creation.

I have been working on designs with experiments for my project within the past two years and I am now satisfied it can be achieved.

What will be attempted is the creation of a propulsion engine that requires no combustion or ignition of liquid fuels, The design works very similar to the way a helicopter works with various redesigning for propulsion purposes.

A propulsion engine that works in this way will be an advantage for all walks of life, 

Increasing global security and disaster response times.

Providing easier access to food, water and medicine/vaccines for people who need them anywhere on the planet.

Also providing emergency medical assistance to any environment or terrain.

There are many more use's for an engine that works in this way.

I cannot reveal the exact design of the engine, But what I will say is the engine's internal design use's centrifugal force to create a downward thrust, thus creating propulsion. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my project/idea and please pledge what you can.

All pledges will be documented and repaid with interest once my project/idea has been completed and the sale/production stage begins.

Let's make 'Atmospheric Propulsion Engine (APE)' happen