A Once in a Life Opportunity

A Once in a Life Opportunity

To Attend a physical and mental car control test to prove I have what it takes to make it as a racing driver.

We did it!

On 7th Mar 2018 we successfully raised £100 with 2 supporters in 28 days

I am from just an average family, and always thought any form of race driving was beyond our means, so I stated doing the next best thing and helping other drivers.  When I was 15 after much hard work and never wanting to give up on my dream,  my father and I found ourselves in a position I could actually take part in one race in a junior championship as part of a father daughter team, and my performance convinced a sponsor to support me do a few more races.  despite having the least experience and funding on the grid, I made a name for fast starts and close racing, such as Donington where I made up 9 places in the opening two laps!

Last year, I managed to find increased support, and joined an adult championship but this time with a team.  Despite on having two goes at driving my car before the season, I was second in my first ever race, and in my first full year in any form of motorsport championship, I took the championship to the last corner of the last race, eventually becoming vice champion of the Michelin Clio Road Class Championship.  Along the way I equalled the championship record for the most podiums in a season, and also achieved the most overtakes of anybody on the grid.


Following this I was awarded the 2017 Bristol Young Sports Personality of the year, and was runner up at Autosport International Show in the Henry Surtees Teen racer of the Year.   

I have been fighting hard all winter trying to find support for 2018, and just when we started to think we might have to miss a season, I have received an amazing offer.  A professional driver manager with an extensive motorsport reputation has contacted me, who has followed my progress, and they feel I deserve proper support.  So much so, they will cover their fees for the first year, as they believe I will pay them back due to my hard work and ability.  


This is a once in a life opportunity as they had already closed their 2018 driver line up with three other drivers, and were not going to take on anybody else until they cam across me and thought they wanted to help somebody like me from an average background really take on the male dominated motorsport world.

My first task is that they have part paid for me to attend a driving test on ice, which I have been set the task of raising some funds to contribute towards.  This will be a three day test in Sweden in March of this year testing my driving and mental ability to the maximum.  When (not IF!) I pass this test, this will be the commencement of the  support.         

 The total I need raise is £2k, and some I am saving up from my part-time job, and the rest is from this opportunity, and contacting potential sponsors.  

All contributions will only be spent on this.  Should an overall surplus occur, I will put the money aside, and use it only to directly support/benefit Action for Children direct in my on-going work with them during the course of my next races.  

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