A Novel in Bits - Generation Space

A Novel in Bits - Generation Space

Help Publish Generation Space, Feel Good About Yourself, and Save the Human Race! (All In One Pledge!)

We did it!

On 28th Mar 2016 we successfully raised £100 with 1 supporter in 56 days


* An apology! It seems that the pledge amounts on this project were all mixed up, so you may not have been able to access the reward you wanted. To thank you for coming back and showing your support, I'm offering a free copy of my top selling e-book, 50 Happiness Hacks from Toddlers, to everyone who pledges at least £1 in February. Thanks, and sorry again for any confusion caused! *


So what is this crowd funding thing all about? Basically, you’re being asked to click one of the pledge buttons to the right of the screen, to show your support for this project, or any project you choose. Preferably this one!


In exchange for pledging a small amount of cash, you’ll get the reward shown under that amount. For example, if you pledge a pound, which is great, you’ll be added to my list of supporters, and you’ll get my eternal gratitude as well as the occasional message of positivity in your inbox.


If you would like a copy of Generation Space, the book I’m currently writing, simply choose either £5, £10 or £25, depending on whether you would like a digital version, a hard copy or a special edition containing extra bits that will add more background to some of the characters’ stories.


Or, if you want to get more involved and you're feeling really generous, you can pledge either £50, £100 or even £250 to get special rewards such as a dedication in the book, and even the chance to name one of the key charasters in the book! You won't get that opportunity very often!


When the project has reached the target amount of £650, I’ll be able to pay a professional editor to polish up the book and make it less rambly than it is now, and an illustrator to make the cover look awesome. Then I’ll send your copy directly to you as soon as it’s ready. Hopefully that’ll be by the end of September at the latest.


By the way, I don’t currently have an editor or an illustrator, but those costs are based on some quotes I’ve been given for previous books. If you know anyone who would like their illustrations to be featured in the Mothership Chronicles series, please let me know.


The great thing about crowd funding is it’s built on reward based donations, so you get exactly what you pay for – no added fees, just great value for money – and the pledges will be used in a transparent and meaningful way. Plus, you get to help one of your friends fulfil a lifelong dream of having a book professionally published, which will make you feel great about yourself!


Oh, and if the project doesn’t reach the target of £650, no worries. I’ll just use the money to buy a load of alcohol, have a party and pretend I’m a successful writer anyway. You’re all officially invited to the launch party of Generation Space, whether it’s a professionally edited masterpiece or an unpolished pile of trash is up to you!


Seriously, I’d like to thank you for any amount of support, and I’d love it if you share this with your friends and family too. Tell them they can come to the launch party, there might even be cake too!


If you have any questions or comments about the project, please feel free to send me a message on facebook or twitter any time. Thanks!

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