A new wheelchair & extra room for help for family

by SAMANTHA Tilloca in 

A new wheelchair & extra room for help for family
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

A failed total knee replacement left me with a permanently deformed leg and a neurological condition called FND, crippled in every way

by SAMANTHA Tilloca in

After years of domestic violence i made a new start for myself and family in my home town, i had knee replacement to repair my damaged knee from domestic violence, sadly the operation failed leaving me with a permanently deformed leg and the overcompensation of the other leg meant it has worn this to need replacing but due to the other operation failing i cant have another knee or hip replacement although badly needed, this has left me wheelchair bound and struggling in most ways. i also from this developed FND neurological funcional disease and CRPS chronic complex regional pain syndrome.

i now suffer seizures that are non epileptic and weakness and paralysis of parts of my body. my weakness means i can not propel myself in my mannual wheelchair. also as hard as i try i have had to greatly reduce work to a bare minimum meaning its difficult to support my family fiancially, meaning i have built up debts for primary costs clothes and bills.

i have looked into alternative housing but this isnt viable for the number of children and bedroom rules (4) mixed ages and sex, one of whom has autism ad complex mobility needs.

the only way is to try and fund a single story extension, on my property, i met my fiance 5 years ago who has his own children and despite trying every way we can we cant accomodate the children as the house isnt big enough , he is my sole carer and has also taken over my daughter care and appointments, his work is greatly reduced as he has the burden of my card and my daughters, he has days he cant go to work and has had to ask his paernts to have his daughters while he cares for me as we dont have the room

i feel like a failure as a mum and woman as i try so despeartely to keep working and enjoy my family, ye this cruel illness takes all from me, i am asking for help in these very difficult times

my conditions are life long and there is no cure just management, the psychological side of worry trauma and stress flares the physical side and functional side of loss of functions , yet with so many worries it is a viscious cycle. my neurologist once said because the skeletal part of my body is weak and causes pain it will keep complicating the neurological and functional side of illness.

please help donate to my cause, i want to be the best i can for my children,

thank you

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