Stop the Re-Offending Cycle-Jobs For Ex-Offenders

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Project by Lee Mills

Stop the Re-Offending Cycle-Jobs For Ex-Offenders

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Project by Lee Mills

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Help us break the re-offending cycle of ex-offenders.Help us secure premises to deliver training & jobs.


1) About Me

2)Supporting a business that employs and trains Ex-offenders

3) The Challenges Ex-offenders have finding work, making a fresh start and why.

4)Job roles and training and the nature of the fashion & film media store.


I have given over 15 years experience towards improving communities near and far, A vast majority of those projects have been funded by myself independently, I can assure you it goes way above and beyond the financial aspects, this means being focused persistent and never giving up until the mission and outcomes have not just been achieved but exceeded. I work to a high standard regarding all I do and never allow my standards to fall short of what is expected.

I have also championed a project that shared hobbies and interest between young and older people to support the break down of stereotypes judgements and the perception of crime a long with volunteering at Victim Support.

Yes even the fear of crime makes people feel vulnerable and this effects all ages and generations.

Now On To The Life Changing Project At Hand.


One year after their release from prison, between 60 percent and 75 percent of ex-offenders remain unemployed and this increases the chance of re-offending.

We need your support to secure new business premises for our clothing and media training store to employ ex-offenders and break the re-offeding cycle.

In England and Wales: 56% of adult prisoners were proven to have re-offended within a year of release in the most recent statistics. The figure is 70% for people sentenced to less than a year.

Within three years of release, about two-thirds (67.8 percent) of released prisoners were rearrested. Within five years of release, about three-quarters (76.6 percent) of released prisoners were rearrested. Of those prisoners who were rearrested, more than half (56.7 percent) were arrested by the end of the first year.

There are currently 83,673 people in prison in the UK, and of these, 4,400 are veterans. It does not make commercial sense to overlook ex-offenders who can provide a diverse and often untapped pool of skills.

The most frequently listed prior convictions were property crimes, closely followed by drug crimes. Drug crimes had a recidivism rate of 62.7%. Other felonies had the highest recidivism rate at 74.2%, followed closely by property crimes at 66.4%.

when ex-offenders have paid their debit back to society filling in application forms and declaring their criminal record usually see's them being turned down and we need you to support us bring about change.


We need to your support to open a fashion & media training store that will give immediate jobs and training for ex-offenders and a smaller percent of none offenders.

This will be more than just clothing retail store, as we will also be training them in creative film media skills too, such as editing clips marketing camera operation interview skills and more, all of this will be used as part of the ex-offenders work and experience building their experience and will greatly support the stores growth promotion and development.

we have all of the media equipment needed to deliver this training backed by more than 15 years experience in the creative film media field,  including teaching that will benefit and strengthen the business too.

Some ex-offenders have made their mistakes when they were very young and in some cases it has only been one mistake, however most have not only learned from their mistakes but completely changed, some have gone on to be role models for younger people in a volunteer structure and changed the direction of the lives of others.

We have a fully qualified BACP counsellor on hand should any ex-offender or volunteer need support, we will be liaising with the probation service on a regular basis to support day release job training.


The fashion & digital media store will greatly increase self-confidence and public trust of ex-offenders as they prove themselves worthy of a new start, moreover having a reference for future employment effects them as individuals their families feeling of well-being.


So where do does your support come in? we will need to secure a store fit for purpose for at least two years to give us a guaranteed and independent future we can build on.

This will allow us to operate and make a massive impact and change lives while changing how people feel about themselves and others.


The answer is 100% Yes! anyone that is working hard after being given a chance to begin again and have a fresh start should be encouraged to do so as prison fails to change or give change that intern benefits you, me and their well-being.

The majority of ex-offenders will be women working in fashion and creative film media both with full training until will can independently develop a men's department but first things first.

Your support will secure affordable premises fit for success.


filming editing & Camera operating

Marketing & Promotion

customer care


These skills will boost the stores promotion and growth and keep outside expenses to a minimum.

Changing Public Perception 

A great opportunity to reconnect with the general public in a positive way.

This will also support promote the store and the future success of the overall business.

In some cases we intend to rotate the ex-offenders so we can reach more and that makes the whole project much more effective, we will allow them to work in the store on day release to,this means they will be heading in the right direction before they leave prison.

We know that this is going to be amazing regarding a fresh start being on the horizon even before they leave prison and it will prevent them re-offending and that's good news for everyone!

Exciting retail jobs and creative media training under one roof, we really appreciate every pledge made in making this vision a reality.

Thank you in advance!  



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