A New Studio: Prana Yoga Oxford

by Simone Jones in Oxford, England, United Kingdom


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Our goal is to create a studio space in the Oxford community dedicated to yoga asana, meditation, mindfulness, and massage therapy.

by Simone Jones in Oxford, England, United Kingdom

A big HELLO and WELCOME...

...to Prana’s crowdfunding page, A New Space: Prana Yoga Oxford! 

We thank you first and foremost for taking the time to get to know our studio, staff, and students - and so appreciate all the support you’ve already given over the past four years. 

This project is a big one, and is going to take lots of work - so anything you’re able to help us out with is an even bigger help! 

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we? 

Prana Yoga Oxford started in May 2014 with one free class (and two students!) at the West Oxford Community Centre. Simone Jones was the sole owner, teacher, and administrator of this little business venture...but not for long. When, in keeping her ears pricked as usual, she caught wind of a beautiful studio space available on Osney Island, she jumped at the chance. Here on Osney Island is where Prana Yoga really took off. From about three classes a week and two staff members, the studio now hosts over 35 classes per week and has a team of 15 teachers. Not only did the business grow, but the yoga community as well. The student demographic ranges from young working adults to recent retirees, from university students to parents (and their kids!), and from beginners to the most advanced yogi. The studio has been a space for connection among individuals who may have not otherwise crossed paths, and has created diverse community. 

It seemed as though West Oxford was crying out for a yoga space given the busy classes and enthusiastic students. So in order to reach a wider audience, Prana Yoga began to host events beyond the studio space, including Yoga Dinners for Charity, Kids Classes, and Festival Stallholding. Word of Prana Yoga Oxford seemed to be getting out. So When Simone decided to expand to another location on Little Clarendon St. in Jericho, the energy took off even further. The demographic of university students and staff, tourists, and people working in the city centre brought life to the studio in a new way. After renovating what used to be the vault of a bank into a beautifully cosy yoga studio, classes really began to fill. 

The need for more yoga classes, more meditation and mindfulness workshops and courses, and even a space for massage therapy was knocking on Prana’s door. And so, as wonderful as these two small spaces were (and are!) for Prana, the time has come to find a space of our own. In fact, we have already found somewhere pretty close to perfect, and are in the middle of submitting planning applications and negotiating the lease. This new venture is so exciting for Prana Yoga Oxford, but also presents us with a big challenge in the near future. Help us get there by donating what you can towards our “New Space” project.

So...Let’s Talk Business! 

The financial breakdown for opening a new studio space with new equipment is steep. We need funds for minimal basement renovation, updated loo facilities, and higher quality mats and equipment. We are raising the money needed as well to help with upfront costs and rent for the next 6 months, until we can get on our feet and keep things running smoothly. In addition, an exciting new development we have taken on is that of retail (we are already working with a few independent retailers who make fantastic yoga gear) and this new aspect will take time, energy, and financial investment. 

We’ll get a bit more specific:

Premises Costs 6 Months (including rent, rates, insurance/tax, and utilities)


Administrative Costs 6 Months (including payroll, promotion, and marketing)


Upfront Costs (including mats, equipment, flooring, electric heating, insulation, lighting, paint and decor)








If we can hit our goal(s), we can guarantee the studio will be up and running in no time, offering 5+ classes every day of the week led by members of our wonderful team. We can guarantee the offer of special courses, workshops, and events in mindfulness, yoga asana, and meditation. There is even space for a massage therapy room, and already have connected with local masseuses in the area who are keen to work with us. Our retail shop will offer beautifully made clothing and eco friendly yoga equipment, as well as handmade jewellery and accessories. We can guarantee this space will be dedicated to the world of yoga, both on and off the mat, bringing the community together as it has done for the past five years. 

What the COMMUNITY has to SAY!

We have been overwhelmed by the amount of written and video testimonials we’ve received over the years, and are humbled by how many lives Prana Yoga Oxford has influenced. Our students and staff have made the studio complete, and for this we are eternally grateful. Have a look, and see what your fellow Oxford Yogis think of us!

We want to THANK YOU. 

Yes, we want to thank you in advance for any donations you can make for the next few months, every single penny counts. But we also know a little incentive “never hurt n’body” and so...

We have a series of packaged rewards for you! The following rewards packages will be based on how much a single person donates at a time. There is a little something for everyone...even if you don’t live in Oxford, and what’s best is you get plenty of choice. Our rewards are all mentioned in detail on our website, but to give you an idea, some of the options include, in no particular order...






And Finally, Thanks AGAIN. 

...for your ongoing support, for your enthusiasm, and for your dedication to yoga. We are changing Oxford one downward facing dog at a time - and may the flow keep on keepin’ on!

  • On behalf of Simone and the entire Prana Yoga Team, 

THANK YOU. And Namaste! 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

Up Dog

Prana Tote Bag AND One Free Class

£30 or more

Bird of Paradise

Choice of Prana Tote Bag or One free Prana class

£50 or more

Child’s Pose

Choice of 30 minute online yoga video OR 3 free Prana classes

£100 or more

Flying Lotus

Choice of 45 minute online yoga video OR 5 free Prana Classes

£150 or more

Tree Pose

Choice of 60 minute online yoga video OR 3 free classes PLUS Prana Yoga Vest

£200 or more

Mountain Pose

Choice of 75 minute online yoga video OR 5 free Prana classes PLUS Prana Yoga Vest

£250 or more

Full Wheel

Choice of 2 seperate online yoga videos OR 5 free Prana classes PLUS Prana Yoga Zip Top

£500 or more


Choice of 3 online yoga videos PLUS Prana Yoga Vest OR 5 free classes PLUS Prana Yoga Vest and Top or Phantai Travel Mat

Let's make 'A New Studio: Prana Yoga Oxford' happen