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A new rEVolution: Drive Electric

3F EV offers an all-electric rental and vehicle leasing service. Our rental fleet is made up of the game changing Tesla Model S cars.

We did it!

On 12th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £2,500 with 18 supporters in 123 days

What does the car rental company of the future look like?

The Ford Model T revolutionised the automotive industry in 1908 by making cars accessible to many for the first time. Since then, the growth in the number of cars, has contributed to arguably the biggest challenge of the 21st century.

Our vision at 3FEV is to be a change agent for a new revolution , driving the transition to sustainable, smart motoring. A car rental company of the future.

We believe three fundamental features will shape the cars of the future.

  • 100% electric
  • Connected
  • Fully autonomous driving.

In less than a year of operations, our fleet of Tesla Model S cars has covered over 30,000 miles helping our customers to avoid over 9 tonnes of CO2.

Imagine with us a future, where with a simple tap on our app you can summon a driverless electric car from our fleet which will be at your doorstep in minutes ready to take you anywhere you want to go.

There is still a lot to happen before this can be a reality; we need to continue to rapidly build up our fleet, provide education and support to individuals and businesses about how their motoring choices make a difference and to create overall awareness about the Electric revolution in the automotive industry. 

We believe winning the pitch to rich can take us one giant step closer to realising our vision. So please do vote for us. Many thanks.  

About Us 

3F EV offers an all-electric, rental service. With the Tesla Model S we can offer our customers the most comfortable, exciting and all-green experience possible. Perfect for those who might be considering buying an electric car or for those who need a luxury rental car for business or leisure, but want a more sustainable, greener solution.

Our mission here at 3F EV is to help develop sustainable transportation in the UK by making it easy for customers to rent an electric car. 

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