Help Venture Arts buy a new kiln!

We need to buy a new kiln in order to continue our successful ceramics programme for learning disabled artists and participants.

We did it!

On 20th Apr 2017 we successfully raised £10,160 of £4,200 target with 159 supporters in 56 days

New stretch target

Venture Arts has a small team of staff who all do fantastic work in helping to realise the ambitions of the organisation and of the learning disabled artists that we work with each week.  Each art programme produces fanatsic results with most artwork going on to be exhibited and occasionally we sell small pieces of artwork at festivals or in our very small gallery shop.

A long term ambition of ours has been to have a fully functional gallery shop within our studio and also with an online presence.  We have an area ready for this, however we don't currently have the resources to enable this idea to reach its full potential.  

With this extra money we would like to employ at least one of our learning disabled artists and someone to support them to work in the gallery shop.  This would entail the person(s) learning about customer service, stock taking, re ordering (cards and prints), helping to organise open evenings, packing and posting items and dealing with internet orders.

We hope you will support us to reach this goal!

Venture Arts specialises in visual arts, running hundreds of inclusive arts workshops every year which support learning disabled people to play a valued role within the contemporary arts world. Our professional arts studio in Manchester provides a bright, lively and welcoming environment for people to produce quality artwork.

Venture Arts focuses on nurturing talent and enhancing overall wellbeing through the arts. We believe this plays a very real and tangible role in transforming lives and in reducing isolation and marginalisation. Our work enriches people’s lives not only through the learning and ‘taking part’ but also by giving people new cultural experiences: seeing the work of other artists, joining in on exhibitions and collaborating with others.

Ceramics plays a key role in our workshops and we run six classes a week form our studio in Hulme and often run outreach projects in the local community. Clay is a fantastic tool for creative engagement and lots of our participants love working with it to create fuctional and sculptural works. However we are in desperate need of a new kiln to continue with our ceramic work.

Ceramic Birdfeeder

As a small charity we have limited funds, space and resources and our last kiln was given to us by a school who were replacing it with a new one.  We have had it for approximately 6 years, and it is sadly no longer reaching the temperature required to fire our ceramics.  Without our own kiln we would have to pay firing costs to an external company, which is not within our budget and therefore puts us at risk of losing our ceramic classes all together.

Ceramic Owl 

Ceramics Sculpture

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