A motoring website that really does it all

A motoring website that really does it all

Take a look guys we aim to change the way vehicles are bought and sold

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

 Thank you for taking time to view my project.


Have you ever purchased a second hand car?

Had to buy car parts?

Had to insure a car?

Had to service/repair a car?


Well I have and to be 100% honest i found it quite a labourious task, firstly searching for the car you want then transferring to an insurance comparison site to completing the forms to get a quote. HEADACHES

We aim to change all of that!

When signing up for our site you will complete a simple form with all of you credentials which acts as your driver profile, Time driving, no claims you know.. All of the boring bits but thats were it ends once complete.

You then can search for the car of your dreams. Simple

Not great you say..

Well when you find the car you want the boring bits come in useful, ONE CLICK insurance quotes for the exact car you want no more form filling...

Need a loan? forms are complete already.. remember the boring bit at the start?

Ah you bought the car, got an instant quote, got insured but you need tyres. We have got that covered

Tyre vendors and automotive parts dealers can set up shop right from our site, oh and we can even check tyre sizes and find a local garage for a service and all in ONE CLICK


Behind the scenes you can add and remove cars you own simply by entering there VRM registration and parts, tyres etc will be matched to your registration so no more filling forms in or searching auction sites they are matched!!


Powerful selling platform for both individuals and traders alike, inventory for traders/dealers


Motoring forum

Rate a garage/feedback


I am a individual who is extremely driven to get this off the ground and will not stop until motuz.co.uk is competing with the big boys.

I am working directly with a group of freelance developers from the Maldives who are fantastic and also very patient, The only thing slowing this project down is funds as i am just a average man with a drive to better my life and my childrens.

The used car market alone in the uk is worth 42.7 billion 2014- 7.2 million used cars sold!!!!!!!!!!!


I am new to crowdfunding so i hope i have presented this correctly and really do appreciate you taking the time to read, I have read a little about shares which available obviously we want to repay you along with any deserved profit.

The funds are needed for web development and initial launch which we hope to complete within 3 months and be live

I will personally drive to every garage i can and introduce our services and promote the site, to lower costs and get this off the ground.


Thank you so much guys