a Mothers' Cry for help

a Mothers' Cry for help

To reunite myself with my Family, my children and my husband.

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Project aim

To reunite myself with my Family, my children and my husband.

About the project

I am a Mother who is trapped away from my family, especially my children and husband. On March 3, 2015 I left Philippines because I saw my family struggling financially and I couldn't see the eyes of my kids waiting for me when we gonna eat..So I sacrifice myself to go back to UK earlier and work and leave my 4 years old boy and my 1 month and 23 days old baby with their dad.

September 2014 we decided all of us to go to Philippines because of my mom who got A cervical cancer. Despite of my pregnancy, we all decided to see my mom.When in Philippines, I had so many complications with my pregnancy and had several bleeding that confined me to hospital. So we are not able to fly back to UK until i gave birth on Jan 9, 2015.

Then starts our struggles,our savings starts to run out,Healthcare in Philippines is not free and very expensive.I gave birth normally but my baby is a borderline baby, not born full term.So in the beginning he was treated with antibiotics because of all the infections and complications I had when i'm pregnant with him.

I left my family and starts working like a horse so I can save money for their ticket to go back in UK. I work almost everyday because I suffer from Anxiety attacks and depression. If i got a day off all i do is cry and cry whole day and feel so guilty that im away with my children especially with my baby who is just so tiny.In 5months I struggle a lot i miss my family so much which motivates me to work hard so i can save their ticket back and bring them back home here in UK..But day by day I noticed that my son's head, the baby,is a way bit bigger than normal so i told my husband that to let him have a check up to a doctor and he did..and the doctor said yes its too big for his age and then been sent for an ultrasound and found out there is an extra fluid on his head  and wants further investigations which i cant afford anymore..Now i starts to panic and Im really helpless,i wanna hold my baby and take him back here in UK to be seen by the doctors, I wanna make sure he is okay and I want to be beside him. This is like a de ja vu feeling with my first born son who was born with club foot and severe case of hypospadias (underdeveloped penis)weve gone through a lot of stress with his health and with operations and hospital visits. And now here we are again..

The day has come i bought their ticket and finally I can be with them, and my fate turns the opposite direction.A month before, I had been to Philippine Embassy to ask for the requirements to fly with minors and they said only a consent letter is needed and I called Bureau of Immigration in Phillippines if they need anything before they can fly they said nothing because he is holding a foreign passport and with the dad travelling.All requirements done and day has come to see them..They managed to fly the first destination but on their stop over they were stopped at Manila airport and they were asked for an exit clearance for the baby..and said they cant travel with the baby because needs a clearance and since its saturday there is no officer to issue and sorry your family cant fly.I beg to the officer on the phone to let them fly because in the first place they were cleared in their point of entry immigration desk but nothings happen.At 9 pm in Manila they are stucked in the airport with a baby crying and so tired and a little boy who is tired as well.

Now im so desperate, so gutted so sad for 5 months of working day and night so just to be with my family is gone..the ticket is partially used so wont be rebooked..and i have no money to buy them another ticket..

I cannot afford another 5 months to be away from my baby from my family, and especially with my babys condition I want my youngest son to be seen by a doctor with his head growing big and with water in his brain.. I did ask all kind of help to my friends but all i can hear is they dont have much to help as they need money too but can pray for me,which i really need it now prayers.

So i am here now begging and pleading for help..pls help me be reunited with my family and be with my kids,help me bring back my son here so he can be seen by specialist here in UK with his head. ..I am so desperate and so helpless..I have nobody to asked for..all i ask is my family and i really cry for help..please help me raised a ticket for them to be back here in UK please...I would be very grateful all my life to those who have a generous heart and and understanding mind that a mother only wants to be with my kids and husband..and most especially I want my son to be seen by a doctor before worst happens..

Pictures attached are a picture of my children and my last picture taken the day before I left Philippines and I would like to have that Smile in my Face again and to hold my Kids in my arms..



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