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This project will facilitate the listening, learning, bonding and action needed to transform our communities during these troubled times.

by Khalid Abdullah in London, England, United Kingdom



The idea 

What are you currently dealing with, internally, that you could do with a bit of support with? Your emotions, what you feel about things, issues, problems, or relationships are important because they determine how you react or respond to the outside world. If you find it difficult or struggle to relate important concerns with other people, then you are in good company. Most people do. Even if you find it easy sooner or later you will find yourself facing an obstacle that you find almost impossible to overcome. Its in these scenarios that you need to find your inner truth and unique voice amongst the noise of the outside world. There are many ways of doing this, but we are pioneering one based on collective emotional intelligence. The wisdom of the crowd supporting the individual through the sharing of anonymous personal biographic experiences.

Our project is about collecting personal stories in anonymous short story form, putting them in a digital story database for you and others to listen to. Listening gives you permission and the courage to tell your own story and in this way, you can transform your own situation and relationship with the issue or people you are currently having difficulty with. In the virtual relationship coaching system that we have designed. This is the first level of empowerment. Other products and services we will develop will bring more.   

So, we need stories, lots of them, your stories. They need to be stuff that happened to you, not anyone else. Not on video, anonymously on audio mentioning, no names, no places, no dates. On any subject you like. However, to prompt you to get the ball rolling, we love to hear about;

  • The kindest thing that ever happened to you 
  • The happiest moment of your life 
  • Memoirs of Covid 

Once we achieve 250 stories we will monetise the library by creating a monthly subscription and with your affiliate membership we will share the profit centre with you so that you will have a useful additional income stream simply by sharing digital stories from the library through you social media network of family, friends and associates. No selling involved just sharing stories. We’ll show you how.


Recent world events have highlighted the dysfunction of human relationships. We are all human beings who deserve to be acknowledged, valued, and respected, however historically and currently our societies have been in perpetual conflict due to our inherent greed, anger, and foolishness. In the age of climate change , the Covid 19 pandemic appears as a full dress rehearsal. Our major ongoing challenge therefore is living together peacefully and in harmony with the environment. Crucially this process needs to begin in our families and connected social networks. This background has shaped the design of our products and services so that even if you , an individual customer find yourself alone in dealing with difficult circumstances, issues and problems, you can use these for acknowledgement and empower yourself with courage and wisdom. 

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The Evidence

This disfunction goes deeper than the surface conflicts mentioned above which is clear for everyone to see with their own eyes and which appears the news on a daily basis. 

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In the foreword of the UK mental Health foundations’ 2016 report:  Relationships in the 21st century, the forgotten foundation of mental health and wellbeing. Jenny Edwards, their CE at the time stated:

This report sets out the striking evidence that investing in relationships is at least as important to our health and wellbeing as not smoking. We believe that both as a society and as individuals we need urgently to prioritise relationships and tackle the barriers to forming them.  It also cites the findings of the longest running study of human development in history, the ongoing 82 year project by Harvard University which explores every part of who we are, from physical to psychological traits to social life and IQ to learn how we can flourish. Findings from the study were published in 2012 in the book, Triumphs of Experience with key results showing that happiness and health aren’t a result of wealth, fame or working hard, as is commonly thought, but come instead from the quality of our relationships and sense of purpose. On a scale of 1 -10 , 1 being Very Poor and 10 being Excellent , how would you rate your key relationships with others. What action are you taking to improve them? or are all your relationships a 10 ?

Replacing suffering with Joy 

I witnessed over 1000 people listen to and share personal experiences in live seminars over 2-year period as part of my training as a life coach. As a result, of witnessing these people share their sometimes profound suffering I became committed to replacing it with joy for my clients, determining to reach as many people as I possibly could. For the uninitiated, life coaching is standing on the side lines making sure that the person being coached can see all their present and future life options so that from the heart, they can make the right choice for them. This is the same model used by professional sports people, except this is about life not sport and for the life coach the focus is successful relationships.


Realising that a life coaching service would some day be needed by millions of people,  I assembled a toolbox over a period years that would allow me to deliver relationship success coaching on an industrial scale. Inevitably this involves interaction with digital solutions. By participating in our project you become part of the wisdom of the crowd giving support to Individuals and who amongst us has never needed a little support in vulnerable or critical moments of our lives. 

Putting Coaching into context - The Peoples Digital Story Library 

To accomplish this industrial scale fit to combat the global changes that humanity faces in the 21st century, we need to put coaching into the context of everyday life and this is why we need your stories. Our digital coaching system is based on the stories of the people who use them. Our first step is to collect 250 ANONYMOUS stories on audio and with these form a database which we will publish and enable thousands of customers to connect with their own emotions, expand their innate empathy and share good practice. Check out some sample stories HERE.

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This is possible because we all experience the same gamut of human emotions. Life’s emotional journey is one of the things that we all have in common. For this reason, we will be asking people who submit stories, to share only their own experiences, telling their story in the first person tense and giving us 2 words that describe how they feel about their story. This is important because my observational research revealed that a huge proportion of human suffering comes from not being able to express one’s emotions freely and appropriately in the present moment. This will give a story database a unique emotional search capability enabling profound life to life inspiration as a service.  

This theme is expanded in our audio eBook and hardback book products which allows for individuals and or groups to work together on a project exclusively for personal use although in some cases e.g. corporate, you may decide to publish.

This campaign is the first step toward developing the first three tools in our toolbox which will form the foundation for our coaching products. This will be the next stage in our process where other tools will be revealed that will use our emotional key words to coach people through crisis.

Become an agent of positive change in your community by being a founder peoples digital library member which will attract future exclusive benefits. Make a pledge to contribute a story today. 


The Business Model 

Currently we are experiencing the devastation caused by the virus and the global economy has suffered a significant impact. To add value to participants, our affiliate programme will share our profit centre with customers in an age where many people are seeking an extra stream of income. It's based on the principle of ' The more you share, the more you get' and this can be for individuals or non profit organisations. 

How we will use the Money 

We will use the money raised to;

  • Develop a new website
  • Assemble and categorise the foundational Digital Story library (minimum 250 stories)  searchable by subject and emotional keywords
  • Create User Centred eLearning and eCoaching modules 
  • Add  social impact evaluation tools to our products
  • Build a global social distribution network including partnerships with non-profit organisations. 
  • Run ongoing social media campaigns to promote our products and services 


  • Create a mobile application  
  • Carry out R & D on products specifically for young people aged 11 - 16 , 17 - 25 and older people aged 55 plus

Our Team - Find out about us here

CONTACT US AT; crowdfunder@planetvillage.co.uk



Q. What can I gain from listening to other people's stories ?

A.  Among the many benefits of listening to other peoples stories is that of gaining permission to share experiences of your own that you so far suppressed. When you share such a personal experience it becomes your story, a very empowering process. 

Q. Is it ok for my non profit organisation to raise money in partnership with this campaign ?

A. Non profit organisations in the UK can earn up to 20% of their turnover  through trading in a non core activity.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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Peoples’ Digital Story Library - Founder Member

I have story to tell! Is that your inner voice we can hear? Is it yearning to jump out and experience total freedom of expression in a safe space? For those already comfortable with sharing their story. Share a personal story anonymously and get a year’s subscription to our digital story library worth £120!!! This exclusive membership offer comes with FREE AFFILIATE MEMBERSHIP for 12 months and FOUNDER MEMBERSHIP CERTIFICATE

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STORYTELLERS GUIDANCE PACK with library membership

Want to relate a personal experience ( one you find difficult and challenging!) privately but not sure how? This ‘how to’ pack is all you need. Make a Pledge £15 today and we'll reward you with... your STORYTELLERS GUIDANCE PACK ....very useful for honing your skills around sharing experiences with friends, family colleagues ....about things that happened to you ! master this process to make effective decisions

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Emotional Wellbeing First Aid Kit

Pledge £25 today and we'll reward you with...an Emotional well being first aid kit where you can check and monitor your emotional state and shift it up and get out of the hole . This kit will show you how. Comes with Library membership PLEDGE NOW> CLAIM LATER

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Planet Village Voucher

Any of the rewards on this campaign can be purchased with a Planet Village voucher. You choose the amount from a minimum of £25. These can be gifted to friends, family , colleagues or associates.

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Six months Peoples digital library membership

Pledge £30 today and we'll reward you with... 6 months peoples digital story library membership at 50% discount! You’ll have access to all the anonymous stories accumulated in the database with its emotionally intelligent search capability for developing empathy and listening. ‘the planet does not need more successful people. But it does desperately need more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers (David Orr) ...for us this is success

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Become an Affiliate

Pledge £25 today get 50% affiliate membership discount, beginning with this campaign we'll reward you with the opportunity to earn 20% commission on our products and services under our ‘earn as you share’ programme. START EARNING NOW! Help us build our network. The more you share the more you get. No selling required! We will provide you with the necessary tools and support! Comes with 6 months Library membership

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Become a Relationship Life Coach

Become a coach at 50% discount. This pledge is the first payment for a 12 month long training programme charged at £50 per month to become a registered Planet Village Life Coach learning our unique emotionally intelligent healing methodology. Not for the faint hearted. Only subscribe to this pledge if you are ready to completely transform your life and discover a new career albeit one that is incredibly , rewarding , satisfying and fulfilling

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Charity Fundraiser Affiliate

Pledge £75 today and we'll reward you with a Charity Affiliate annual membership at 50% discount. FUNDRAISE NOW Help us build our network and we’ll give you a 20% Commission on all products and services in this Campaign. Create a new income stream NOW under our ‘earn as you share’ programme. Registered non-profit organisations only. No selling required! Bespoke Digital marketing strategy included!

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A Moment in Time - Multimedia eBook

Pledge £350 today and we'll reward you with your own eBook at 50% discount. Create a multimedia eBook of your choice ( see our website for ideas ) in your own words, images and voice(s). Bring your stories, pictures, videos, and images. Within 4 hours careful guidance and facilitation by a coach, the participant (s) assembles a minimum 30-page book of your chosen subject. For 1- 0 people

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A Moment in Time - Hardback Book

Pledge £500 today and we'll reward you with your own hardback Book at 50% discount. Create the book of your choice in your own words. Bring your stories, pictures and images. Within 4 hours guidance and facilitation by a coach, the participant (s) assembles up to 25 pages of text on their chosen subject. Suggested subjects include A Family Event or Legacy, Celebrating the life of someone, Diary of a Youth, Memoirs of Covid

Let's make 'A Moment in Time' happen

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