A Message to Scotland's Red Tories

A Message to Scotland's Red Tories

Help the campaign for Scottish Power in Westminster - get the Red Tories out for good.

We did it!

On 5th Apr 2015 we successfully raised £186 of £100 target with 9 supporters in 14 days

New stretch target

The stickers were produced on a non profit basis. Any overpayments or donations without stickers being claimed, will go towards our small fund to advance the cause of Yes Alliance 59 and/or - on the "Red Tories out" campaign in general. We can't predict what amount is likely to remain at the end of the sticker project but it will only be a small amount, if anything. We may use extra funds for the purchase of banners, leaflets and suchlike, or perhaps there will be another worthwhile cause. Whatever happens though, any remaining cash will be well spent on the advancement of our cause for Scotland.


Following our recent, sucessful crowdfunder on Indiegogo, we have a small quantity of "Red Tories Out" stickers left from the final print run.

Stickers are high quality, waterproof, 100x75mm size (same as before)

We only have a small quantity left now and this is the final print run. When they're gone, they're gone ! 

So, let's get the last few out there and do what we can to see the back of the Red Tories in Scotland.

This batch of stickers are "in hand" and ready to go, however - due to the way that Crowdfunder and GoCardless works, it means that we won't get the payments through until the first week in April. We will send out the packs straight away though, which (realistically) means you will receive them around the second week of April.

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