A Masters in International Events will i prevail!

A Masters in International Events will i prevail!

Help me raise funds for my masters study in International Events Management.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hi Hi firstly thanks for taking the time to visit my page!

My name Is Ahmed Kausar I am nearly 25 and i graduated in 2015 in BA (Hons) Business Management and Marketing.


It took me a longgggg time to get there but with all the encouragement and support i finally achieved it.

it all started with the struggling in English at GCSE which nearly didn’t get me into the college i wanted to go but the college gave me an opportunity to redeem myself and resit my English GCSE at college which i passed. Then came the problem of nearly getting kicked out of college at the end of my first year for such poor performance in my AS levels again taking me of track, but with the amazing help of my elder sister I was allowed back in to college if i changed my approach as clearly exams where not for me so A levels to a BTEC and an extra year in college. Then came university. with all the struggles at college should i really apply, but again with all the encouragement and support yes i did and i clearly didn’t learn my lesson from college as i failed one to many units in my first year of university which i then wasted in retaking for a whole year just so i could get into my second year of university. This is when i grew up and learnt from my mistakes as i flew through my second year with no resits and also my final year and graduated in July 2015 with  a 2:1.


This is where you come in i am looking to raise money so i can build on my career and actually prove that no matter how bad your past experiences everyone can change and grow and develop and that’s what i want to do.

I am looking to study a Masters in International Events Management but i believe i will really struggle financially if i do not get some help.

In return for anyone that is generous in funding my masters study i will be conducting a final live event to end my studies as this is part of my degree qualification as yet i do not know what this will be but no matter what it is i am willing to provide tickets for the events depended on how much you fund my studies and hopefully this final event will be one to remember and one that you will really look forward to coming to and will attend.

Please help me fund my studies i couldn’t ask for anything more i just want to show my family that i can set out to do something and succeed!