A magazine for WCW on how to break into journalism

by Jessica Hope Evans in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

A magazine for WCW on how to break into journalism


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To help working class women break into journalism. I struggled getting in and I don't want others to go through the same classism.

by Jessica Hope Evans in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

I'm creating a magazine targeted at working class women (although the magazine is inclusive for everyone) who want to break into journalism - an industry that is often elitist.

The magazine will be a guide which helps working class women achieve a career in journalism without their class, wealth, accent, background or education going against them.

After experiencing many years of classism working in the journalism industry in London as a working class scouser, six months ago I felt compelled to create a journalism consultancy to help people who aren’t in the elite or come from a privileged background, become journalists.

As a person from Liverpool with a working class background, I understand how hard it can be breaking into such a field, where companies still offer unpaid internships or 'all-expenses' paid, meaning the wealthy or those with a London postcode, are able to do the journalism gigs over the working class.

My classist treatment prompted me to think about my fellow working class northerners, many of whom are just beginning their own struggles in the elitist world of journalism. I wanted to help northern, working class women in particular get on the journalism ladder when, as I know from personal experience, it can seem impossible to do so. I didn’t want women to be held back by their class, background, accent or former education.

I started a business called Freelance Sessions. The vision was to run one-on-one sessions and masterclasses where we focus on the client’s ideas and turn them into paid articles for their favourite publications. Since starting, my working class clients have seen success in national and global news outlets, which has been a win for working class women in their journalism careers.

Now, I would love to create a magazine that is a bible to getting published work. I want to help women from these backgrounds to be successful and have great journalism careers.

The magazine will give readers the opportunity to experience press trips, high profile industry events and write for some of the biggest publications in the UK, without having to do shoddy, unethical ‘all expenses’ internships in London or go through the ordeal of being discriminated against in the office.

Let's make 'A magazine for WCW on how to break into journalism' happen

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