A Mac for Macca

A Mac for Macca

Raising money to buy a Macbook Pro for aspiring author Jennifer Shooter, mother of two, who has been fighting cancer for 18 months.

We did it!

On 21st Jul 2015 we successfully raised £1,340 of £1,260 target with 38 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

not sure we need a stretch amount! just want to buy her a macbook pro

Project aim

Raising money to buy a Macbook Pro for aspiring author Jennifer Shooter, mother of two, who has been fighting cancer for 18 months.

UPDATE - 11.07.2015 - We have reached our goal today - any extra that we raise now will be donated to Maggies Centre Edinburgh as they continue to support us and our family.

About the project

My wonderful wife has been dealing with cancer for the last 18 months, and after having a major operation in the beginning of 2014 to remove half her colon and other assorted abdominal bits, she endured almost 9 months of chemotherapy. It was truly a horrendous year but we were very lucky to have family and close friend's support for which we will be forever truly grateful.

Unfortunately, in the last few weeks it has come to light that she has secondary cancer spread into one of her lungs and her peritoneum. In the words of her Oncology nurse - it is very serious. This has been horrible news for her and us as a young family, and she is about to undergo another course of chemotherapy to at least attempt to keep the cancer spread at bay.

I've known Jennifer for over 10 years, her maiden name was McLuskey, and me being Australian, my pet name for her is 'Macca'. Over those fantastic 10 years I know one of her constant desires was to write a novel and/or childrens stories, we have talked about it at length on many occasions. All those who know Jennifer knows that she is clever, sharp, witty and quite capable of achieving this.

Personally, I really want her to do it and would absolutely love to get her this little 13" Macbook Pro to write it on. It's light, portable and powerful but unfortuantely quality is expensive and something I can't afford in one shot, so hence the idea for a crowdfunder project. A Mac for Macca. To do a bit of maths: £1260 is £10 from 120 people and the £60 is to cover the 5% fee that Crowdfunder charges for raising the money. That is like foregoing 3 lattes this week for Jennifer.

I hope we can all come together and inspire Jennifer to help keep her mind active and busy even if her body is failing her.

Thanks for reading,

Chris Shooter


P.S. she doesn't know ANYTHING about this and is probably going to kill me when she sees it. Living on the edge!

UPDATE: yes, she did shout at me! and said I should raise money for a better cause - I just grinned at her and said I think she's a GREAT cause!

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