A little help please.

A little help please.

To help get a little happiness in my life after having a traumatic past 2 years but now I have life back on track but still in a hole.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hello my name's Jordan and I'm 24

I heard about this website from a friend after I explained how the last 2 years of life had been for me being away from family and friends. I had just spent the last 2 years living in difficult circumstances with a woman who I had commited 6 years of my life for being with her whilst she watched her farther battle cancer for 2 years before he sadly pasted away and after we decided to live with her mother over 100 miles away from any of my family who have no means to travel to me to visit but I loved this woman . I made the decision to sell my prided and joy like most people my age...my gaming pc so that I could help around her mother's with bills so that she didnt have to worry in troublesome like that. But my partner started to change , alot more controlling and eventually got me to take loans out in my name to cover whilst I was off work from the sudden move as my company wouldn't of transferred me to that area. So in the end I fell out of love with her and left her as painful as it was I felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders and started renting a room in the area since that was all I could afford on minimum wage working at a small convenience store. Slowly paying off the debt I let myself get in out of love for my ex I eventually met someone new and I fell quickly for this woman within 2 months we was planning to move in together but out of nowhere she had broke up with me saying how I scared her with how i was in the bedroom and I felt a huge amount of guilt and depression where I had really cared for this woman and how she insinuated I had forcefully taken her. After this ordeal I had to leave the area I was taking anti depressants and felt hopelessness and zero motivation. So I left to go home be around friends and family but still being a financial hole throughout this whole thing and leaving the part time job at the store. 

But now my future is looking bright as I have come home returned to my old job , off the pills and counselling and now have been given a fantastic opportunity to pursue a career in my job role. But the thing I have honestly missed the most is my gaming pc and being in this debt I feel like I will never be able to afford to save up paying off loans and having to save only 50 pounds a month on moving out of my sister's asap but that is the majority of my disposable income after paying off debts. So all i do with my days is work all day and have nothing to do of an evening without a console or money to go out with my pals.

So I am sorry this long story and it may seem desperate but I had to give this a try 

Thanks for reading