A life worth living

A life worth living

To save and transform the lives of four people whose lives have become unbearable because of their addictive behaviours

We did it!

On 22nd Dec 2017 we successfully raised £1,850 with 30 supporters in 42 days

A Life Worth Living will give four people the counselling, tools and life-skills they need to enter into long term recovery from their addictive behaviours and start living a fulfilling life.

People arrive at The Living Room at a point when they feel their lives are not worth living. Our mission is to help them turn their lives around so that they are in a position to stay physically and mentally healthy, build meaningful relationships and play a positive, active role within their community. 

Our Project

A Life Worth Living is a treatment programme based on the award winning counselling service at The Living Room Hertfordshire. We will treat people who’s lives are intolerable because of their addiction to behaviours such gambling, eating disorders, love/sex, co-dependency or the internet.

Over the course of our fundraising campaign, you will be able to follow the recovery journey of four clients who attend The Living Room. DJ, Miriam, Amelia and Chloe are writing journals about their recovery and we'll publish exclusive extracts on this Crowdfunder page. The entries will detail the highs and lows of addiction recovery. You'll learn what goes on in group counselling, how the clients put into practice the tasks they're given and what impact recovery has on their day-to day lives.

You'll have the privilidge of hearing from:

  • Chloe  has suffered with an eating disorder since she was 13 and began treatment at The Living Room when a family bereavement triggered addictive behaviours that included her eating disorder, compulsive shoplifting as well as drug and alcohol abuse.  

  • Miriam had a seemingly successful personal life and a thriving career in the fitness industry.  Her life became unmanageable and she suffered a complete breakdown. She is now being treated at The Living Room for gym and love/relationship addiction.

  • Amelia's life became unbearable because it was dominated by the behaviour of her son, who was addicted to drugs and alcohol. She suffered extreme violence at his hands is now receiving counselling treatment at The Living Room for her co-dependency.

  •  DJ started coming to The Living Room to treat his drug and alcohol misuse. Since coming here, he has realised that he has had to address his addiction around love and relationships.

The need

There is stigma and misunderstanding surrounding behavioural addictions. Society has made great strides in recent years by viewing alcoholism and drug addiction as illnesses that should be treated as such. But there is a long way to go before eating disorders, gambling, love/sex addiction are treated in the same way. 

We see people who are addicted to gambling, for example, whose lives have become unmanageable. Relationships have disintegrated, finances ruined and health deteriorated. “Before I came to The Living Room, I was in a cycle of misery.  I was obsessed with gambling and couldn’t resist gambling whether I had money or could get hold of money by any means possible.  My heath wasn’t great.  I was paranoid, anxious, worried, ashamed, guilty and was constantly lying to avoid getting found out.  My family had almost given up on me.” (A graduate of The Living Room)

People suffering with eating disorders often don’t know where to turn for help. The NHS does have treatment centres but access to them depends on where you live and whether you can wait months for an appointment.  The Living Room treats someone with an eating disorder in the same way is if that person was addicted to alcohol or drugs.

"Today, I have been free of my eating disorder for over a year and a half, but the depth of recovery I have been given is so more than just physical. I have a sense of self-worth today, a network of support and an emotional awareness which enables me to deal with life and all its struggles. I no longer feel trapped in the shame and chaos of my eating disorder, and have a new hope for a life in recovery." (A graduate of The Living Room)

The Programme

We will fund four people suffering with behavioural addictions through our counselling and workshop programme for ten months. 

The clients will receive four (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri) group counselling sessions per week within 3 working days of making an appointment. They will continue to receive treatment until they and their key worker deems them ready to leave (on average treatment lasts 10 months).

They will also attend regular workshops that focus on their specific addiction and be provided with tools and life-skills to begin and maintain their recovery.

The programme is unique, because it is:

  • FREE. Addiction doesn’t discriminate so neither do we. Anyone can suffer with addiction, no matter of their wealth, social background, age or race.
  • NON-TIME LIMITED: People don’t leave The Living Room until they are ready to do so. Unlike other rehab centres, we don’t limit treatment to a set time so if it takes a year to treat a client, they will stay for a year.
  • AVAILABLE NOW: People don't have to join a long waiting list before they start treatment. We'll assess a client and start their programme within 3 days of them making contact with us.
  • EMBEDDED IN THE COMMUNITY: The Living Room operates in the real world. People attend treatment sessions during the day and live their normal lives in the evening. That way they are not cocooned in residential rehab environment for a limited time, only to be suddenly faced with the stresses of real life once they leave.

And it works!
We have a success rate of 62%, compared to a national average of 50%.

The Cost

The treatment we provide is FREE, but to  to those that are in recovery, it's PRICELESS.  

"What TLR offers is a gift – a gift to a life worth living and I’ve grabbed it with both hands and can't thank you enough. I cant get that in the high street, at work or at home. Thank you." (A Living Room graduate).

On average, it costs us £2,500 to successfully treat one person. That is incredible value for money when compared other rehab programmes, which can cost up to £20,000 for a two month programme! 

Please help us cover the cost of treating four adults with debilitating behavioural addictions so that they can lead fulfilling, successful and happy lives - something that is unimaginable to them before they enter into recovery. 

Your reward

Thank you for your support.

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