A life together for Peter & Hesmarie

by Deryn Relph in Sandwick, Scotland, United Kingdom

A life together for Peter & Hesmarie


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Pete & Hesmarie met, fell in love & got married. He’s from England, she’s from South Africa. Help them start their life together.

by Deryn Relph in Sandwick, Scotland, United Kingdom

My reason for setting up this personal Crowdfunder campaign is simple really- I’m a mum, and like most other mums out there,the happiness of my sons means the world.

Back in November 2017 Pete was working as a musician on the P&O Cruise ship ‘Adonia’. Visiting the gym he would often notice Hesmarie at reception, in her role as Spa Manager. He summoned up the courage to speak to her and gradually they got to know each other.

Starting off as friends, spending time together every day, always laughing, over the next five months love blossomed. From their first date in the onboard Glass House Restaurant to romantic beach trips and island tours, squeezed in between work shifts whilst ‘Adonia’ sailed the Caribbean and toured South America, their relationship developed.

Despite Pete being from England, and Hesmarie from South Africa, separated by oceans and continents, they found a way to make their relationship work with daily FaceTime & phone calls and twice yearly visits.

As they met each other’s families, visited each other’s homes and experienced each other’s cultures it soon became obvious that they had something very special and had each found their soulmate. Marriage was the next natural step for the lovestruck couple.

So on Friday 3rd May, 2019, surrounded by Hesmarie’s family, with his twin brother Tom as best man, Hesmaries sisters as bridesmaids and a video link from Steve & myself, Peter & Hesmarie became Mr & Mrs Relph!

Fantastic, you might think, the perfect end to a fairytale love story . . . but it doesn’t quite end there. . . .

Now,the difficult and most stressful time begins as the newlyweds work, save and battle the costs, legal requirements and logistical implications of wanting to begin their married life together in the UK. 

To cut to the nitty gritty, the estimated cost of bringing these two ‘together forever’ is around £6000. This is because there are Visa requirements and legal fees involved, even though they are already married.

This is what they both want more than anything. We know they have the love and support of both families and all their friends so please let’s come together and show them just how much their love and happiness means to us all!

Let's make 'A life together for Peter & Hesmarie' happen

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