A life changing friend

A life changing friend

We're raising money to purchase an Autism Support Dog because we want to change a child's life for the better

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On 23rd Jul 2015 we successfully raised £20 with 3 supporters in 42 days

Project aim

We're raising money to purchase an Autism Support Dog because we want to change a child's life for the better

About the project

Saffron may look like you and I but she has a hidden disability, she has Aspergers syndrome which is an Autistic condition. For Saffron this means that she is crippled by social anxiety, she struggles to understand people and to communicate easily, she is vulnerable to sensory overload and easily disorientated, consequently the outside world is a frightening and overwhelming place.

Whilst other children her age think nothing of being able to meet up at the park, walk to a friends house or pop to the shop. These simple everyday tasks are things that Saffron simply can not manage independently. She finds it hard to communicate with others, she doesn’t read social cues or body language so forming friendships is difficult. Saffron is lonely and isolated, unable to be a part of the world around her. It’s like she is in a glass jar watching and wanting to be part of the world around her but she can not come out from her jar and she can’t let anyone in either.

This is having a drastic impact on her mental health; she is depressed and withdrawn and she experiences very little joy in life.

As a mother I can not tell you how heartbreaking it is to watch your child’s pain and know there is nothing you can do or say to take it away. We desperately want to help her to find a way for her to improve the quality of her life and to bring some much needed companionship and happiness back into her world.

That is why we are asking for your help and support to raise funds so that we can get Saffron an Aspergers Assistance Dog from Service Dogs Europe.

A dog is a furry therapist that can provide Saffron with love, empathy and companionship and help her to make connections with the world. Assistance dogs have been proven to increase independence, reduce fears and anxiety and act as a great ice-breaker helping overcome social isolation. Just as guide dogs for the deaf and blind are uniquely trained to support their owners an autism assistance dog will also have been specially trained to support Saffron’s particular needs.

The intensive training required for a service dog is not cheap and these dogs are not available on the NHS. As a family we are working hard to raise the money to make this life changing purchase for Saffron. Please pledge whatever you can, every pledge is entered into our free prize draw.

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