A(L)MA project

by Beatriz Aguilar Soto in Benin


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Self-funded project without support from NGO's.We are looking for people with A(L)MA(love and soul)who can contribute to finance the project

by Beatriz Aguilar Soto in Benin

What is A(L)MA?

A(L)MA, it is a project that began in 2018, and that is included in another larger one called “A school under a tree” developed in Africa (Benin) by Florencio Díaz.

  • AMA: Means love in Spanish
  • ALMA: Means Soul in Spanish

Benin Situation Overview

  • Child traffic
  • Child labour 
  • Strong presence in domestic activities
  • Low human development index
  • Situation of vulnerability and lack of protection to the children and their rights.

The purpose


  • Facilitate access to sports for children, contributing to the development of the village of Doga Plage (Benin).


  • Create spaces linked to sports and leisure activities that stimulate the community, in terms of their daily practices, and provide opportunities for children to develop and participate, using access to different sports as an educational tool and instrument for personal and collective development.

  • Grant continuity to the sports projects that were developed a year ago: the sports football school with a team of girls and boys.


* In addition to the sporting objectives, A(L)MA will join its efforts towards contributing to the development of the village of Doga. Therefore, it will maintain its focus on procuring the relevant tools to facilitate as far as possible the way of life of the inhabitants of the village, as activities related to ways of subsistence: fishing.

What happened in 2018?

  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Petanque
  • Targets
  • Beach tennis

What do we want to do in 2019?

  • Main:

    - Support girls and boys football school

    - Volleyball

    - Basketball

  • Specific:

    - Fishing

What do we need for Football?

  • Textile material

    -  Equipment for the girls football team.

    - Equipment for the boys football team.

    - Kids football bib.

  • Training material

    - Balls (dry/hard terrain)

    -Goals or net adjustable of goals.

    - Precision net

    - Balls bag (backpack for accessories)

    - whistle

    - Coaching board

    - stopwatch

    - Action pump and packs needles

    - Cones, marker bars, disc markers, slalom training

IMG-20190216-WA0006 (2).jpg

What do we need for Volleyball?

  • Training material

    - Beach volley balls

    - Adjustable volley net

    - Limited zone

What do we need for Basketball?

  • Training material

    - Balls for outside (hard/dry terrain)

    -Boards (without post*)

    - Nets

Why is fishing important for us?

  • Shortage of instruments to develop this vital activity for the development of life in the village.
  • The tools used are: wooden boats, sticks, sponges like bouys.

What do we need for Fishing?

Support and promote one of the main subsistence activities of the community (along with corn).

Provide the instruments and / or tools necessary to contribute to the realization of this activity.

Empower the population through learning the mechanism of use of the new tools.

Materials: Adult rods, Kids rods, Buoys, Reteles, Hooks, String, Specif fishing material

What is the impact of A(L)MA?

Children’s sport:

  • 300 children between 3 and 12 years old.

School football girls:

  •  15 players

School football boys:

  •  21 players


  • 20 people could join, although it is open to the village of Doga.

Total Budget = £664,98     *summer 2019

  • Football budget breakdown:   Total: £365,14
  • Tops: 15 girls (74,85) 21 boys (104,79) = £179,64
  • Bottoms: 15 girls (37,35) 21 boys (52,29) = £89,64
  • 2 Net M: £19,98
  • 2 Precision net M: £19,98
  • 6 Balls: £43,94
  • 2 Action pump + 2 needles: £11,96

 Basketball budget breakdown: Total: £137,92

  • 6 Balls: £67,94
  • 2 Boards: £69,98

 Volleyball budget breakdown: Total: £61,92

  • 6 Balls: £35,94
  • Net:£7,99
  • Limited zone: £17,99

 Fishing budget breakdown:

  • We’ll not invest in fishing but will be happy to receive any type of fishing materials.

 Flight luggage budget:

  • £100

Let's make 'A(L)MA project' happen

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