A house for my adopted children

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A house for my adopted children
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I am adopting 2 children in Turkey. I currently own a flat but would like to raise the money to buy some land and build a house for them.

by Yasemin Shaw in

I am adopting 2 children as a single parent in Turkey. I have a limited budget and am looking to raise funds to assist me to give them a better life and a secure future.

 I am looking to raise enough capital to build a house on a piece of land in Turkey. This house will be built in such a way that it can later be divided into 2 semi detached houses so when they are older they will have one each. We will live in this house which will be in my name until they are 18 years old at which point I will transfer to their name. They can rent it out which would sponsor their education in uni or if they choose we can continue to live there or they can live there. The choice will be theirs.

As I will be buying the furnishings, if they decide to rent out or use the property’s  I can move back to my flat and take my furnishings and personal belongings with me  however if we raise enough for furnishings I will leave these with the houses.

I will be dedicating my life to these children and have a very small budget to do so. It would therefore be great if I could raise enough to give them a decent home with a garden where they can play.  I have several bands of Money raised planned;

£1 to £29,999 this could be put into a bank account until enough finance is raised

£30,000 to £49,999 this would enable the purchase of a small piece of land.

£50,000 to £99,000 this would enable us to buy land and start the building of the shell of the house. 

£100,000 to £199,000 this would enable us to buy Land and build a reasonably sized house that could be split into 2 small houses when they are older.  Perhaps we could build 2 and rent one in order to cover living costs (food, utilities, education etc). Perhaps we could find a completed house in this price bracket.

£200,000 to  £299,000 this would enable us to build 2 good sized houses perhaps with furniture.

£300,000 + this would enable us to buy land and build a good size house with furnishings, which could be divided when they are older into 2 houses. Any finance raised above this figure would be invested into property which would in addition to providing a home, would provide an income to support us.

In conclusion the amount raised would depend on what I can give the children  in the following order;


1 house


2 houses (1 rented out to support us)

Addditional Property to support our living costs

Should large amounts in excess of the above requirements, I will source other families and provide them with housing so more people are able to adopt in Turkey thus reducing the current high demand. My dream is to open a charity to help people adopt and build communities close to each other with support networks  perhaps a large piece of land could provide housing for 10-20 families with a communal area for support and activities. 

I appreciate any support you can give us. I have all the love in the world for these children and am so excited for our new adventure together, something I have planned for over 10 years. 

I have not provided specific photos of me as these are vulnerable children and I think that would be inappropriate to have children identifiable. The photo in the house is a potential finished option of 2 houses, for around £200k for us to live in one and rent out the other for living costs. 

Thank you all for your support  


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A day rental

If we are able to buy more than 2 houses and rent one out then we will give one day free rental at our holiday rental house. Limited to 5 days per month and 1 day per person. Extra days will need to be paid for but of course these costs to you will be living costs for the adopted children and myself.

Let's make 'A house for my adopted children' happen