A home for Survivors of sexual violence

Project by daniwardman

We are trying to do the impossible and buy Survivors of CSA and SV a safe place in York to show them they do matter.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Survive are asking 12,000 people to pledge just £50 to help us have permanent facilities in York for Survivors of sexual violence. An impossible task made possible by you. We have just 8 weeks to find 12,000 people and if we don’t then you won’t pay anything. Could you spare £50 to do the impossible?

I know this is a big ask, I know I am asking the impossible but I also know that what I am asking for is needed so greatly. It should be something that is provided as a matter of course not fought for so ardently. 

I run a charity called Survive, a tiny, tiny thing in North Yorkshire. We are the only specialist service here - we are unfunded by any local source. We do vital work with Survivors, we do not force them into reporting, their right to choose will never be taken away from them - not here. Here is their safe space, a supportive and therapeutic environment. We work with all adult Survivors without judgment, without condition. 

Because we are based in York we pay massive fees for unsuitable space that we have vastly outgrown. Renting a suitable size space is almost impossible because what we need isn't a new modern open plan office. What we need is an old town house or bed and breakfast with lots of different size rooms for lots of different activities. 

We'd love to buy one, but we are talking £600,000.

We believe that Survivors deserve to have this safe space which the greed of landlords or the price of prime real-estate can’t eradicate. It should be safe in all ways, a constant that they can rely on. Something we try to provide but this is difficult in small rented rooms with no local backing. 

We need your help to show Survivors they matter, to give them more than just a room. To give them the home they may never have had. Survivors show me every day that the impossible is possible by still being here, by Surviving the awful, unimaginable things that happened when they were a child. We have been with them, supporting them for over 25 years - now they need your support too. Show them they matter, show everyone else that Child Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence matters. Thank you. 


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