A home for me & my Care Bears

A home for me & my Care Bears

A deposit & fees (& removal costs) so that I can rent a house for myself (an Aspie) & my collection of Care Bears.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I am 32 and I have Asperger's. I live with my parents. 

I collect Care Bears and would like to rent a house for them to live in with me. 

Although I have a job and could pay rent, I am struggling to save up a deposit. Because of my autism I'm unable to drive and I currently live 2 bus journeys away from my job (an hour of travelling each way). I would like to live nearer my work, and other amenities like shops and doctors.

I will probably never be able to buy a house, so renting would be my only option if I'm to leave home. 

The house I have found to rent is £695 pcm, with a deposit of £1640, admin fees of £295, and removals for my Care Bears and other possessions, so I'm looking to raise £2500. This would leave me £565 for the removals and an initial food shop.

House found:

Anyone who donates can choose from the following gifts (see photos below):

1. A handmade toy puppy (takes half a day to make)

2. A handmade Care Bear felt ornament (take an hour each to make)

3. A handmade cross stitch Care Bear picture (depending on size can take up to a month to make)

I appreciate that it is rather cheeky to ask strangers to help me with a rental deposit, but my handmade gifts do take time to make and will hopefully be considered suitable recompense for any outlay.  I can personalise designs for you if required. 

Thank you for reading and thanks in advance for any donations :)