A Healthy Body, A Healthy Mind, A Healthy World

A Healthy Body, A Healthy Mind, A Healthy World

To expand Sweet Greens to help support the local community, offering wholefoods & superfoods, office and home deliveries & nutritional talks

We did it!

On 9th Nov 2015 we successfully raised £725 with 20 supporters in 28 days

Project aim

To expand Sweet Greens to help support the local community, offering wholefoods & superfoods, office and home deliveries & nutritional talks. Making Bournemouth healthier, more aware of the environment, and bringing people closer together. 

About the project

Sweet Greens is an Organic, family run Cafe based in Charminster, Bournemouth, where we use the freshest organic & local ingredients to create amazing healthy meals. We use Vegan recipes, with nearly everything homemade, from the sweets, savouries & dressings, down to the almond milk for our organic coffee's. Our variable menu is currently 90% raw, following the belief that eating a living food diet helps to achieve the maximum health benefits from the foods our planet has given us. We use no refined sugars, additives or artificial anythings! Our furniture is made from recycled pallets, and our packaging is eco friendly and recyclable. 

Because we use the best Organic ingredients we can find, and purchase locally and fresh, our costs are higher than a standard streetside cafe. Despite this we have now achieved a good balance with running costs, and can provide reasonably priced food to our loyal and ever expanding customer base. We do however, want to be able to offer so much more. As we have a small number of seats, not everyone can make it to our atmospheric little cafe, but we feel everyone should have access to healthy food, and so we would like to be able to offer home deliveries and workplace deliveries. Funds from Crowdfunder will allow us to offer this service by way of stocking up on packaging, additional ingredients and mainly, by running an advertising campaign to let people know that takeaways don't have to be greasy, unhealthy and processed. Healthy, guilt free lunches and dinners are available for those without the time in there busy lifestyles to purchase and prepare it themselves. We will also, with the funds hopefully raised, be offering weigh your own wholesale foods & superfoods, allowing people to purchase the items they desire at a far lower cost than your highstreet health shops. Unfortunately to achieve this we need to buy in bulk up front which we currently cannot do, so the initial outlay will allow us to set up the pick and mix style storage compartments and stock them full of healthy super and whole foods, making us into a local hub, as a place to eat amazing healthy homemade food, meet like minded people, come and learn from people at regular nutritional and lifestyle talks, hosted in the cafe, helping to create a positive vibe throughout the local community which will hopefully spread further afield as people start to learn and gain the knowledge needed to improve the positivity in there outlook on life, and also have access to amazing ingredients to help spread the health home to peoples families and friends, creating a bigger community of people who realise that the key to a healthy world is a healthy mind and that starts with a healthy body.

We get people from all walks of life; Boxers from the local gym, Yogi's, those looking to lose weight, those with Health problems, recovering alcoholics or people who have had drug problems, vegans, non vegans, believers, non-believers and we hope to enhance the experience we offer them and spread it further, by creating an even better little hub, where these people can meet others from these different walks of life, share experiences, knowledge, and positivity whilst eating good food, clearing the mind and then taking something home to pass on to others.  

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