A Hand for Venezuela

by Albern Mendoza in Caracas

A Hand for Venezuela
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Venezuela has been going through days, weeks and months of an unprecedented economic and social crisis. Our country has always been the...

by Albern Mendoza in Caracas

Venezuela has been going through days, weeks and months of an unprecedented economic and social crisis. Our country has always been the one that has given and opened the doors to foreigners for its growth and of course, that of the country. However, the poor political and economic management of those who have led the nation during the last years has triggered a serious humanitarian crisis, where thousands of people suffer from diseases caused by the very malnutrition in which they are and by the grave situation Country. This project, promoted by students of the Central University of Venezuela, seeks to obtain funds that allow, in one way or another, to acquire medicines and basic foodstuffs to make trips in the metropolitan area of Caracas and deliver them equitably to the most needy populations.

Advantages of the project.

Advantages: As the donations are in foreign currency, you can opt for the purchase of a greater quantity of articles. A project of the community is financed directly by the hand of the foreigner.

How the idea was born

It is clear that the day to day life of the average Venezuelan is not easy, as young people, we find it hard to believe that political decisions should affect those who have less. We have decided to seek external financing to be part of the solution and not the problem.


For years, we have sought solitions to this type of deficiencies in the country, we have been NGO Volunteers, both in Caracas and personally I have had the opportunity to be in Lima.

Time and Investment.

So far, I've personally been a volunteer for NGOs for over 4 years.

Equipment and Media.

Currently we are a team of 16 people that is constantly growing, with the goal of reaching the most needy communities with a solution, whether at the level of food or medicines, or also training. We believe that the future of the country will depend on the young people and that is why we continue to bet on those who are in these sectors.

Talent needed.

We currently have law students (who help us give legal talks on problem solving) and students of International Studies.

Legality and administration

Upon reaching the goal of the project, the money collected will be transferred to a PayPal account, and from there, through a foreign exchange entity with which we have worked previously, we will make the respective conversion of foreign currency into national.
Competition and Differentiation.

We believe that these types of projects should not be based on competencies, in this case, all that we bet to be part of the solution, we are just that, the solution. Everyone decides to invest in the one that causes them the most impact and we think that at the end of the day, it is welfare for our country.

Potential market.

Because we are a project that wants to intervene in the most needy communities in Caracas, before it is too late.

Initiatives Accomplished.

Currently we are in project of launching through leaflets in the University and flyers in the RRSS.

Acts Necessary to Perform.

Once the goal has been obtained and its distribution planned according to the moment of the first purchase of medicines and foods, we intend to make a campaign to recruit young people that will allow us greater ease in lowering these resources to the community.

Once obtained the Financing.

The first will be the conversion to the best market rate. Later we will evaluate if the articles to be acquired are still in the country or need to be imported. Once the articles have been received and organized, we will begin the distribution

Why support your project?

We do not believe that we should not contribute for a project similar to ours, the more we contribute, the more opportunities our country will have to take.

In advance, we thank you for being part of this project, whether active or passive the fact that you have decided to contribute to this project forms part of what we believe is the solution apart from the problems we have today.


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