A hairbrush designed by a hairdresser.

by Anna chiesa in Kingussie, Scotland, United Kingdom

A hairbrush designed by a hairdresser.
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I am looking to raise funds to help me take my hairbrush design to production.

by Anna chiesa in Kingussie, Scotland, United Kingdom

I started out in 2017 with an idea for a new hairbrush. I have always been quite inventive and creative but never followed through with any of my ideas. Until now. I watched a woman on dragons den pitch a hair styling tool and immediately knew I had to get in touch with her! I found her on Facebook and she gave me her number. I called her the best day. She was so helpful and she put me in touch with the company that designed her invention. They took me through step by step design and we finally have the prototype. I am now starting my search for a manufacturer and the funds to help me make this dream a reality. Not only is my hair brush easier to use. It is more comfortable and does not put as much strain on the hands and wrist. This brush will be an essential part of any hairdressers kit or salon for that matter. I believe it will change the way hairbrushes are designed from this point on. It has been designed by me, a hairdresser who’s hands are constantly in use and always have a hair brush in them. I thank anyone who reads this and feels they can contribute in anyway possible 

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