A Green Voice for the North

Raise funds to elect Natalie Bennett as the Green Party MP for Sheffield Central, the first Green MP in the North of England.

We did it!

On 4th Apr 2017 we successfully raised £5,136 of £4,000 target with 219 supporters in 56 days

New stretch target

We have reached our initial target of £4,000, which will help Natalie Bennett mount a winning challenge in Sheffield Central.

But we can always do more:

£10 buys 100 window posters

£20 bous 1,000 leaflets

£40 buys 1,000 freepost letters or leaflets.

So please donate and share, and keep the work going to secure a win in Sheffield Central constituency and gain a truly GREEN VOICE FOR THE NORTH!

Thank you.

In the age of Trump, the Brexit vote, climate change and economic insecurity, we need a new approach to politics – the Green approach to politics.

We need a society that works for the common good within the environmental limits of our one fragile planet. We need education that prepares pupils for life, not just exams, we need secure jobs that people can build a life on and genuinely affordable, warm, comfortable housing for all.

In the 2015 election, the Green Party’s ideas really caught on, party membership quadrupled and we won 1.1 million votes, more than in every previous general election added together.

But to turn votes into seats, we need to campaign with even greater intensity in focused areas, every day of the year, and for that we need resources – we need your help.

I’ve made my home in Sheffield, where we got the third-highest Green vote in the country, where we finished second to Labour, and where I’ve got a great chance to be the North’s first Green MP.

Sheffield Greens are working hard, canvassing, leafletting, getting the word out right around the constituency.

Politics is highly fluid, uncertain. We don’t know when a general election will be held – it could be called very quickly. We do know the Tory Party is preparing for an election.

We need to get leaflets and newsletters out now. We need to be ready with garden and window posters, prepared to reach voters with personalised letters and information, to have all the materials we need.

£10 will pay for 100 window posters

£20 will pay for a campaigns leaflet to 1000 households

£40 will pay for an addressed leaflet to 1000 households delivered postage-free during a snap election campaign

Wherever you are in the country, please help if you can, and please ask others to chip in also. Every pound will help.



IMPORTANT : All levels of donation are gratefully received, but please note that under electoral regulations, we can only accept donations of £50 and over if you are currently on the UK electoral register. We then need to check your eligibility and provide your information to the Electoral Commission, which may publish donors' details. If donating at or above this level, please provide us with your name and full address either via the Reward button if you choose one or by emailing to treasurer@sheffieldgreenparty.org.uk . Thank you.

Help give Sheffield and the North its first Green MP. Help elect Natalie Bennett for Sheffield Central! Please donate!

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