A Green MP for Tynemouth Constituency

A Green MP for Tynemouth Constituency

Raise the deposit to stand as a candidate in the Tynemouth Constituency of North Tyneside

We did it!

On 5th Mar 2015 we successfully raised £710 of £550 target with 22 supporters in 56 days

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What will I use the extra money for?

Hi My name is Julia Erskine.

This project is to raise the deposit (£500) to allow me to stand as Green Party Parliamentary Candidate in Tynemouth Constituency, North Tyneside.

If elected, I would commit to this as to a full time job – I believe that is how seriously the position should be taken.

North Tyneside comprises two parliamentary constituencies – Tynemouth is the one that includes the coastal regions of Tynemouth, Cullercoats and Whitley Bay (the last bit of coast on the North side of the Tyne before Northumberland). For the first time in our history, North Tyneside Green Party is striving to stand a candidate in each constituency. The North East has many great resources, not least are its Green thinking people, and we would like to reach out to them to help protect and develop this region in a way that will most benefit the people and the wonderful physical environment we live in.

We will be joining with the many Green candidates up and down the country working to give this country the government it deserves and needs. You just need to look at the achievements of the existing Green elected representatives to see the innovation and good common sense that is prevailing.

We need to raise £500 as a deposit to stand a Parliamentary candidate, and then more to pay for campaigning materials. We are not funded by big business or corporations, so rely on our supporters for time and money to help us run our campaigns. We are hoping also to have a good show of council candidates, and so any surplus raised will go towards supporting the North Tyneside Green Party ‘team effort’.

See our facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/northtynesidegreenparty

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