A Green MP for Stafford

by andy.murray in Stafford

A Green MP for Stafford
We did it
On 1st April 2015 we successfully raised £500 with 11 supporters in 28 days

To raise the money required for our candidate Mike Shone's deposit in May's General Election

by andy.murray in Stafford

New stretch target

Thank you for helping us meet our target!  All extra donations will go into to our General Election campaign in Stafford :-)

Politics is changing...the future is Green!Stafford & Stone Green Party logo

It's only a couple of months until the General Election. More and more people have had enough of the other main parties. They're learning about Green Party policies, and they like what they hear! There's a #GreenSurge across the country. Membership of the Green Party rose by over 120% in 2014, and continues to surge this year, now standing at about 55,000. That means we have more members than UKIP and the Lib Dems! We're polling up to 10% nationally, and up to 27% amongst young people, far higher than ever before.

Greens want to end austerity and reduce inequality, renationalise the railways, provide genuinely affordable housing for all, end the threat of fracking, stop (and reverse) the privatisation of the NHS, make the minimum wage a truly living wage at £10 per hour, scrap the hugely expensive HS2, take real action against climate change, end factory farming and animal testing, introduce strong animal protection standards and stop the constant pursuit of growth, no matter what the consequences.

Why we need your help  

It costs £500 to stand a candidate in the General Election.  Greens don't have wealthy donors like the other parties, so we rely on members and supporters to enable us to get our message out. This is the first time a candidate in Stafford is using Crowdfunder to raise funds for a General Election campaign.

Can you help us to give the people of Stafford a Green voice to vote for?

Please donate whatever you can afford towards our target of £500. 

We can't really offer any 'rewards' - just our heartfelt thanks!  If we exceed our target we will use any excess funds to produce and distribute literature across the constituency.

Other ways you can help

  • Please tell your friends about the Green Party and our crowdfunder project.
  • Please share this page far and wide on social media (on Twitter use the hashtag #GreenSurge).
  • Check our Facebook page for the latest news on our campaign.
  • We would love to hear from you if you would like to help with the campaign; please message us via the link at the bottom of this page.
  • And of course, don't forget to vote on May 7th!

About our candidate, Mike Shone

Mike is a former Mayor (2006-7), Deputy Leader and Councillor (for 24 years) of Stafford Borough Council. Amongst other things he laid the foundations for the Borough’s kerbside recycling scheme, introduced the night time noise nuisance service, revamped the public toilets and started the Community Award scheme.

Mike has lived in Stafford for 44 years, 30 of which were spent at Stafford College as a Sociology lecturer. He lives in Stafford with his wife Robin.

For 35 years Mike was a Labour Party activist, but following Labour's failures in government he looked for a new political home.  He joined the Green Party because of its commitment to equality, democracy and sustainability. Mike says:

"The Green Party offers a future based on economic sustainability and personal well-being based on social justice. 

“The doctrine of growth has failed people. Growth serves the interests of big business and the rich whilst hurting most people as well as the earth. If growth was so wonderful we would have been living in paradise for a couple of decades. But it has inflicted work-stress and debt.

"The parties who have been in government have undermined our local hospital, created a housing crisis and support HS2. The Green Party would shift the nation’s finances to re-nationalise the railways and invest in public services including the NHS, housing and education."

Help us to fight the 2015 General Election in Stafford!




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