"A Good Jew" (costs)

 A Good Jew...  a play about Jewish artists in The Holocaust

We did it!

On 3rd May 2016 we successfully raised £520 of £500 target with 30 supporters in 42 days

New stretch target

As you could see from the original project description,..... This  ( £1335 ) is the truer total of costume, travel and accommodation costs for the project. We'll easily be able to use any contributions over £500 to meet these actual costing needs.  

Many thanks again.

 A Good Jew... 

Hello from Something Underground!

We're an award winning company with a superb track record of 10 years of successful theatre. 

Rehearsals are well underway for our latest full production of our new play, "A Good Jew". Set during The Holocaust, and following two Frankfurt families, one Jewish, one Aryan, on their journey to  Terezín concentration camp,... where their allegiances are seemingly reversed. You can also find out more about the play's writing and other back stage news at the writer's new blog

You'll also find our nascent website dedicated to A Good Jew with historical backgrounds, film clips, music of the times, snippets of the play, character profiles, cast biogs and more. Bear with us, as the site is still quite bare, but being added to over the next months. We have a wonderful dedicated cast, (Simon Hellyer, David Stephens, Chrissie White, Luci Flo, Isabella McCarthy Sommerville, Daniel Grimston, Patrick Carmody and myself) and we begin our small tour of around 20 dates at the end of April, going through to the start of July, visiting Brighton Fringe (back at Exeter Street Hall for our 2nd year there), Arundel Vic Inst, Lewes All Saints, London JW3, London Tara Arts, Bristol Alma, Falmouth Poly and Bournemouth's Shelley Theatre. We'll be updating you again soon as ticketing links get added. 

But we need to be dressed! We can't go on naked, and although we like to work with a very minimal set, we  would like to be clothed as authentically as possible. 

This means, especially for the several German and Russian military costumes, quite an outlay, as such items can come in at a considerable premium, sadly often driven by a macabre fascination for WW2 German military outfits (by "interesting" people who collect these items, even in replica form).

Here's a typical list of costs...

Luger or Walther p38 gun

Camp Kommondant Uniform £75

Adjutant Uniform £75

Russian Soldiers Uniforms x 2 = £100

Germans Guard Uniforms x 2 = £100

Boots £30 x 4 = £ 120

Helmets / Hats £15 x 4 =£60

Trousers x 4 pairs £20 x 4 = £80

Stage Guns = 85

Holster making kit = 10

Travel Costs - Cornwall (150) / Bristol (150) / London £200 = £500

Accomodation costs = £130

Total:  £1335. 

We're just asking £500 towards this, but all is welcome!


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