Nikki rules the road

Nikki rules the road

 Friends! Comrades! Help me to get the Queen of Macabre back on the road with a new birthday bike! Honk honk! Ding ding!

We did it!

On 12th Nov 2015 we successfully raised £155 of £140 target with 8 supporters in 21 days

Friends! Lovers! Comrades!  Welcome to the page of fundraising for Nikki Shaill's birthday gift!  



So sadly today, Nik got told that her beloved steed of a bike, Spirit Challenge, is on the way out. It's too old, too rickety and a ruddy health and safety nightmare.  Without a bike, Nikki would be pretty sad....cycling is so important to her. So I've decided to start a fundraising page to try and raise a few quid and get the old gal back on the road with a nice new set of wheels! 


What do you reckon?? Don your finest hi viz and get involved for a biking birthday bonanza!  Dust off the WD40 and get lubed up for some greased up good times!


This information is top secret!! Please do not let the cat out of the bag/rabbit out of the hat/rat out of the toilet etc.


Thanks dearest and nearest chums


Linz xxx


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