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Creating gorgeous toys and books as intelligent and creative as the girls who inspire us.

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'We believe there is so much to celebrate about being a girl and we’re passionate about creating gorgeous dolls, accessories, and books as intelligent and creative as the girls who inspire us.'

 - Frances Cain, A Girl for All Time®

 Our goal is simple: to design and produce gorgeously crafted playdolls and accessories that celebrate being a girl in an intelligent way and inspire a lifetime of play and creativity.

We are A Girl for All Time®,  an independent British toy company that designs and sells award- winning English historical and contemporary playdolls, accessories and books.


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Clementine's Suitcase - a new accessory for our award-winning collection and Doll Of the Year winner, Clementine, Your 1940s Girl™ 


We have been given an exciting opportunity to crowd fund the first of our newest accessory designs, Clementine's Suitcase. This suitcase is an important part of Clementine's story as told in 'Clementine's Winter' : she and her 2 brothers are evacuated to Devon during World War II and all she possesses in the world is packed into one single suitcase. It's contents help her and her new best friend on their secret mission to capture a spy in the village... 


A Girl for All Time® is a boutique toy company based in the UK which designs and produces award-winning playdolls, books and accessories created to challenge the often negative narrative of girls toys and the gender-bias found in the toy aisle. 

At A Girl for All Time®, we want to empower our girls - and our boys - with the knowledge that girls are strong, resourceful, creative and resilient. We want a range of toys that actively celebrates being a girl in a positive way. 

With over 20 awards and hundreds of 5* reviews for design, craftsmanship and quality, A Girl for All Time® is swiftly becoming known as the 'go-to' brand for high-quality dolls that inspire learning, imagination and creativity. 

We've already successfully produced 7 collections of dolls, costumes and accessories (you can see more of our current collections here) and can't wait to start developing more of our accessories across all of our ranges. 


To read more about our awards and reviews please visit our website here 


We love what we do and work very hard at creating the best products possible. We have been lucky enough to receive the industry's most prestigious awards from the most respected reviewers on both side of the Pond. But what we really love is what our customers have had to say about our products Here is just a taste of what the experts - and our customers - have to say...



We've been working on developing new accessories for our different collections for over a year and have already invested thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours into their design and prototyping.

The money that we raise from Crowdfunder.co.uk will go specifically to manufacturing this gorgeous new accessory, completing rigorous safety testing and inspection,  and finally shipping to our warehouses in the UK and the USA, where they will then be ready to ship to you! 

Delivery : estimated June 2018 

Please note that this suitcase is ** PROTOTYPE** which means the colour and size may vary slightly. 


Thanks for your time and support and we are excited to bring this new project to life! 



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