A Future Where No One Remembers You

by Harry Tomlin in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom


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A scientist travels back to prove to his younger self he has invented time travel but realises the mistakes made between then and now.

by Harry Tomlin in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Location Set-Dress and Costume Design:

Pushing our initial budget will enhance the production value of the entire film. Set-dress and costume design will benefit so much as we will be able to make for a more immersive film and expand the creative range of the project.


More money means we can bring in a higher calibre of acting and a whole new level of performance to the screen. We can also make sure that the whole cast and crew are properly catered for with all transport and accommodation costs covered. This extra bit will mean we don't have to cut any corners to save money.

Entry into festival Circuits:

The extra money will go into the marketing and distribution of our film. By allowing us to enter the film into film festivals at both a national and international level, will really boost the publicity of our film and reach a larger audience. 


'A Future Where No One Remembers You' is a film that explores the relationship between two boys, James and Tom who promise that if they ever invent time-travel, they will go back to that very time and place to prove it to themselves. James inventing the time machine ten years on leads him to reflect on the friendship he once had with Tom and inadvertently meeting his sister who's died since. We want this film to be a very grounded sci-fi that really highlights the drama of the characters with time travel as a narrative tool. 


The key theme of this film is a reflection on relationships; the priorities that some take over others and the regret that comes from not putting enough effort into some. It is something that lends so well to the time travel genre but seems to be overlooked. This is an ambitious project but one we all feel will prove to be a really great end result and all that is stopping us from making it is the money.

Brother-sister relationships are vastly under-represented in films and the dynamic this presents. We wanted this film to focus on the missed opportunity James had with his sister and the regret he carries. Putting friends before family or one relationship over another is something so relatable for all of us and we want to really highlight in this film, to help people realise where their priorities should lie and hopefully speak to as many people watching it as possible.

A prominent visual style is going to be the use of muted colours and tungsten lighting, with largely monochromatic frames, this will give the film quite an intricate look and highlight the introverted, isolated nature of our protagonist, James. A lot of practical lighting in the frame will be used with teal accents accentuating production design. Clear, digital footage will be used for scenes set in the future and a simulated film stock look will identify the scenes set in the past. We want the style of this film to be really interesting and intriguing so a lot of work is currently going into how we can make that happen.

Production Design is going to be a huge aspect of this film and we want to create some really great props as well as a distinctive time machine. We will be constructing a cluttered garage full of inventions to really enrich the scenes. The time machine will take inspiration from retro and steampunk designs with modern technology holding it all together, we want to make the device something original and impressive. We have tested some designs and started thinking through how it will all fit together as a final cohesive look.



Harry Tomlin - Writer, Director

This is a film Harry has been dying to make for years and now feels like this is the perfect opportunity as it feels like a unique take on the now common concept of time travel and the relationships it can explore. Having a sister himself, this film comes from a really personal place and he hopes the passion can show through in the end result.


Jack Hockaday - Producer

Jack is a producer with a vast canon of projects to his name, bringing a wealth of experience to the project. He has a keen interest in project management and problem solving, as well as being a massive sci/fi nerd himself!


Jack Greenwood - Production Manager

Jack has a great deal of knowledge and experience in managing logistics. Having already produced many short films he brings a lot of organisation expertise to the project. He is excited to help bring Harry's story finally to fruition.


Marta Buksa - 1st Assistant Director

Marta has previously worked on multiple short films as a director, producer, assistant director and production assistant. She is always excited to get involved in new projects and work her hardest to make everything run smoothly.


Ed Swift - Director of Photography

Ever since Ed's first interest in film, his passion has been cinematography. Having worked closely with Harry on previous productions, he is excited to develop his skills even further and challenge himself with a project like this. Ed is looking forward to working with such a great crew and get the ball rolling.


Cerys Brown - Production Designer

Cerys has a keen eye for all elements of production design, having worked on multiple shorts in this area. She is super excited about this project as she feels she gets one of the most fun jobs, making the time machine!


Reuben Block - Editor

Reuben is a student filmmaker, who has directed several short films and edited even more. His editing experience ranges from music videos, all the way to longer form narratives and everything in between.


Benjamin Schweimler - Sound

Usually specialising in directing, editing and assistant directing with 4 years of experience, Ben has recently branched out into sound design. What attracted him about this film was the possibility to experiment and create futuristic sounds. 


Cameron Dupuy - Location Manager

Cameron is an experienced location manager with work experience on a recent Channel 4 drama. He'll be working hard to scout the best locations to elevate each scene.


Chloe Daily - 2nd Assistant Director

Chloe has worked in a variety of role in pre-production processes of other projects, including Producer and First AD. She is particularly interested in the relationships portrayed within this project, as well as the exploration of acceptance.


Magda Pieniazek - Script Supervisor

Magda will be the eyes and ears of the set, looking out for continuity errors and making sure everything fits together. She's excited to explore this time travel narrative with the rest of the crew as well as the challenges that come with it.


Will Priddis - 1st Assistant Camera

Will is a filmmaker with a keen interest in camerawork and storytelling, having used this in a few smaller short films. He immediately saw the creative scope of the script and is now working with Ed to make the film look the best it can.


Finn Stammers - Gaffer

Finn has experience working as a lighting assistant on sports documentaries for Sky Sports as well as a technical knowledge for drama films. He has been working with this project's Director of Photography for over a year.


Emily Roberts - Assistant Editor

Emily has worked on her own projects as well as editing for several clients while studying. She believes this particular project is going to be an interesting and emotional story that she is excited to be a part of.


Isobel Thompson - Assistant Sound

Izzy has developed a keen interest in Sound and Production Design. She is working on this project to enhance her practical film making skills and to collaborate with other talented filmmakers.


This money will help us so much! With such an ambitious project, it will likely make or break the end result. The funds will be split between various departments and stages of the production process. We have carefully designed the budget to ensure that every penny will be put to its best use. We want to get some great locations and fund the casting of professional actors travelling down from London. A lot of the money will also go on the production design (we have a whole time machine to build!). If we can hit our goal we will be able to pay for all this as well as catering cast and crew on the day and the endless other small costs such as transport.


We understand not everyone has the means to give money to the film. But every like, comment, share is crucial to the project's success and we really appreciate your support in whatever form. You can find us on Facebook and Instagram. By spreading the word you are helping us make this a reality.


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