A fun & innovative Mindfulness Book aimed at 5-8yr

by Mindful Mentors in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom


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To introduce Mindfulness in a fun and simple way to encourage children to practice and use it in their every day lives to feel good

by Mindful Mentors in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

We have known each other for several years and have many interests in common, particularly holistic practices including Mindfulness.  We realised that there are very few books available to teach young children about the many benefits of Mindfulness and as both of us have already written a book each, it seemed the perfect project for us. Our vision is to write a series of books based on the magical 'Goodluck Island' where a child in each book will present with a specific problem and the 'Guru' monkey and friends will share their wisdom using Mindfulness techniques to overcome the challenge.

Our first book explains how the first character 'Peru' finds it difficult to focus in class and by meeting the Guru group, is shown how to use simple Mindfulness techniques to calm his mind.  The step by step guide, enriched with beautiful illustrations, will ensure the child understands the directions and can follow them easily.  Aimed at 5- 8 year olds, we hope this book can be used as a bedtime story by parents to help their child drift off into a blissful sleep or by teachers in a class setting to calm the young minds at the beginning of the day.  We read our book out recently to a room full of 60 children and it was very well received by the children and their teachers. 

We would like to Crowdfund to raise enough money to pay for the publishing, printing and illustration of our first book.  Once we have enough to go to print we intend to travel around some of our local schools, reading from our book and introducing these techniques for the children and their teacher to follow on a daily basis.  At the end of those visits, the school will be presented with a signed copy of the book to enable them to continue practicing Mindfulness in the classroom. 


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